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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 11
Self-Expansion Quiz for Love
It is not always possible to know how we feel towards loving someone we will choose for ourselves. Before making that choice, we should consider our wants and desires and what we are offering to the other person. Whether you are ready for a relationship, want to date first, or are just looking for company, this quiz will help you navigate your choices.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you dated more than one person?

A. Yes, I have 

B. No, I haven’t

C. Yes, but not enough 

2. What are your thoughts on online dating?

A. Positive

B. Negative 

C. Neutral

3.  Are you 18 and above?

A. Yes, I am

B. Not yet

C. I will be 18 this year

4. Are you into looks, nature, or both?

A. Looks 

B. Nature 

C. Both 

5. Does valentine’s day hold any importance in your life?

A. Yes, it does

B. It is the most important day for me

C. Not really

6. Do you think you will be supportive of your partner’s dreams and choices?

A. Yes, of course 

B. I think so

C. Depends on their choices

7. Are you ready to fall in love?

A. Yes, I am

B. I don’t know

C. Without a doubt

8. What is your idea of a date?

A. Fun 

B. Adventurous 

C. Calm 

9.  Which city comes to mind when you think about love?

A. Paris 

B. New York 

C. Tokyo

10. Which of the following jobs would you like your partner to have?

A. Doctor 

B. Journalist 

C. Actor 

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