Self Love: How Much Do You Love Yourself Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2970
Self Love: How Much Do You Love Yourself Quiz
Love. Perhaps the most powerful word in the world. When you use it for others, it takes on an entirely positive connotation. But loving oneself is a concept most of us aren't familiar with. Self-love is nothing but caring for your own well-being and happiness, appreciating yourself. Most of us practice it one way or another, but some of us forget to do it sometimes. With this self love quiz, you will find out just how much you love yourself. Because we all could do with some self-love right now!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you forgive yourself?

A. No, I can't.

B. Yes. I try not to repeat my mistakes.

C. I am trying, but I need more time.

2. How often do you give yourself a pep talk?

A. I don't need to speak to myself.

B. I give myself pep talks sometimes.

C. Regularly. I am my biggest motivator.

3. Do you say ‘No’ to things that you feel is unfair or unasked for?

A. I have a hard time saying no.

B. I do, but I am not comfortable with it.

C. I do.

4. Can you give three compliments to yourself right now?

A. Of course. So, here it goes...

B. I can come up with one.

C. What? I will have to think about it.

5. Do you put your needs first as often as you put those of others?

A. That would be selfish. I am not one.

B. Sometimes. It depends on the situation.

C. I do, but I feel very guilty.

6. Do you take out time to exercise, eat healthily and pamper yourself?

A. I do it sometimes. I don't have time to do it often.

B. I have a self-care routine that I follow religiously.

C. I hardly find time for that.

7. Do you accept yourself, even the parts you don't like?

A. I might not like everything about myself, but I accept and understand.

B. I am trying, but I am struggling.

C. I have done things I can't accept.

8. Do you set and maintain boundaries with people?

A. You can't have boundaries with people you love.

B. I try, but I don't enforce it.

C. I do because otherwise, it will take a toll on my health.

9. Do you have a community or a group of friends to motivate you and keep your spirits high?

A. I don't confide in people.

B. I have an amazing bunch of friends who are always there for me.

C. I am not sure. I have a few people I confide in, but I am not sure about them.

10. How often do you compare yourself to others?

A. That's my daily routine.

B. I know I shouldn't, and I have been trying to.

C. I don't. Everyone's journey is different.

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