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10 Questions | Updated: May 29, 2024
RuPaul's Husband, Georges LeBar's Dating Life Quiz

RuPaul, the world-renowned drag queen and TV personality, has not only made headlines for his groundbreaking career but also for his long-standing relationship with Georges LeBar. While RuPaul captivates audiences on screen, Georges tends to keep a lower profile, making his personal life a subject of intrigue and curiosity. 

How well do you know about Georges LeBar's dating life, particularly his relationship with RuPaul? This quiz explores the details of their partnership, shedding light on one of the entertainment industry's more private romances. Test your knowledge and discover interesting facts about Georges LeBar's journey with RuPaul.

Questions Excerpt

1. When did RuPaul and Georges LeBar first meet?

A. 1994

B. 1995

C. 1996

D. 1997

2. Where did RuPaul and Georges LeBar meet?

A. In a New York nightclub

B. On a dance floor in Ibiza

C. At a fashion show in Paris

D. During a cruise in the Caribbean

3. What is Georges LeBar’s profession?

A. Painter

B. Dancer

C. Rancher

D. Photographer

4. How often do RuPaul and Georges LeBar publicly discuss their relationship?

A. Frequently

B. Occasionally

C. Rarely

D. Never

5. In what year did RuPaul and Georges LeBar get married?

A. 2015

B. 2016

C. 2017

D. 2018

6. What does Georges LeBar enjoy doing in his free time?

A. Painting

B. Horseback riding

C. Cooking

D. Gardening

7. Which milestone event prompted RuPaul and Georges to finally tie the knot?

A. Their 10th anniversary

B. Their 23rd anniversary

C. Georges's birthday

D. New Year's Eve

8. Where does Georges LeBar primarily reside?

A. Los Angeles

B. New York City

C. Wyoming

D. Miami

9. What is one of the reasons RuPaul appreciates Georges?

A. His fashion sense

B. His sense of humor

C. His artistic skills

D. His independence

10. Which public event do RuPaul and Georges LeBar rarely attend together?

A. Fashion shows

B. Red carpet events

C. TV show premieres

D. Charity galas

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