Opposites In Relationship, Will It Complement Or Clash Quiz?

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10 Questions | Updated: Feb 27, 2023
 Opposites In Relationship, Will It Complement Or Clash Quiz?

Do you think that having opposite personalities can enhance a relationship?

According to the old saying, ‘opposites attract’, whether or not it applies in the case of your relationship can only be perceived by you and your partner.

Nonetheless, you can try this ‘Opposites In Relationship: Will It Complement Or Clash?’ Quiz to assess your relationship based on some obvious signs.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you respect each other?

A. Yes, always

B. Sadly, no

2. Are you happy in your relationship?

A. Yes

B. Not much

3. Do you identify yourselves as yin and yang?

A. Yes, we do

B. I don't think so

4. Do you fight a lot?

A. Yes, all the time

B. We seldom do

5. How often does a simple misunderstanding arise in an argument?

A. Often

B. Not much

6. Do you spend time with each other often?

A. Yes, whenever we are free

B. We are busy with our schedule

7. Does your partner support you and vice versa?

A. Yes

B. Not at all

8. Do you have to compromise often?

A. Yes, most of the time

B. No/Rarely

9. Are you evolving into a better person due to your partner?

A. Yes, definitely

B. No

10. Do you learn from each other?

A. Yes, we have so much to offer

B. What is there to learn?

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