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10 Questions | Updated: Sep 30, 2022
 Is Your Relationship Bitter Quiz?

Is your marriage/relationship bitter? It can be really tough to see when anger is turning into resentment and is turning into bitterness.

We frequently experience unjust treatment in relationships. When this occurs, it's healthy and acceptable to feel angry and disappointed. 

But when we don't recognize our emotions and deal with them healthy, it often results in resentment. And resentments that are allowed to hurt become bitterness.

This Is Your Relationship Bitter quiz is ready and waiting for you if you're prepared to find the answer.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have conversations in your head about your spouse/partner?

A. Yes, all the time

B. No, I do not

C. Just sometimes, not a regular thing

2. Do you feel compelled to inform someone of what your partner did?

A. Most of time

B. Sometimes

C. No, never

3. Do your partner’s words and deeds around you cause you to experience intense unpleasant emotions?

A. Absolutely yes, and s/he doesn't even aware

B. Sometimes s/he can behave like a weirdo. So only rarely

C. No, if I had such a feeling, would share it with them

4. Do you recall the specifics of what they said months or years ago?

A. Having a good memory is a plus for me so, I can recall even the smallest detail

B. They would not let me forget

C. No, why would I do that

5. Do you keep a record of your partner's list of offenses?

A. This attitude of mine bothers me, but I frequently use it

B. No, I wouldn't point up any of their shortcomings to them. So pointless

C. Only for a few particular subjects

6. What would be the main reason if this marriage/relationship ended someday?

A. It would definitely be because of a mistake my wife/partner made

B. Betrayal I guess would be the ending

C. It could end for any reason, and I don't know from whom. Maybe a lack of love or intimacy

7. Are you shaming yourself for having the thoughts about your partner/relationship?

A. Yes, and it's kind of a cycle

B. I'm not sure what I'm feeling about that

C. No, why should I do that

8. Have you ever tried to change your expectations of your partner/spouse?

A. Already tried that and it did not work

B. Like a wallflower, I'm quiet

C. Ugh, I don't hang out with them much

9. Do you have an unstoppable belief that your relationship/marriage will constantly harm or hurt you?

A. Yes, but I'm trying to believe that I will experience something good again

B. Yeah totally. Sometimes thinking that I do even deserve this kind of unhappiness

C. No. I am aware that this is a temporary process, and I should take the necessary actions, that's all

10. Do you think your partner is the main reason for your bitterness? In the other words, could it be due to some other reason or person?

A. Failure and disappointment… These are the reasons for my bitter

B. Maybe my exes or parents who are complete sucks

C. Since the beginning of this relationship/marriage, I have often encountered unwanted things. Hope it's clear now

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