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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 178 | Updated: Sep 12, 2022
 Do You Have a Crush on Someone Quiz?

Life can be exciting. We sometimes meet some people just once and develop a certain liking for them instantly. We admire them and lighten up whenever we see them. Sometimes this feeling goes beyond just liking them to something quite strong and impressive.

This we refer to as a crush, and we like to catch their attention whenever we are around them and possibly even get into a relationship with them. Come along, and let’s take this quiz on how to know if you have a crush on someone.

Questions Excerpt

1. How will you describe your crush’s personality?

A. Loud and Bubbly

B. Calm-and reserved

C. Warm and welcoming

2. Who are you crushing on?

A. Your best friend

B. A random person

C. A celebrity

3. Is this someone you personally know?

A. Yes, since childhood

B. Yes, a friend

C. No, from a distance

4. Would you like to be in a relationship with your crush?

A. Definitely

B. Not really

C. Not at all

5. Would you like to go on a date with your crush?

A. Absolutely

B. Not really

C. No

6. How do you feel whenever your crush smiles at you?

A. Overjoyed

B. Nervous

C. Shy

7. How does your crush feel about you?

A. The feeling is mutual

B. Doesn’t feel anything for you

C. Just likes you as a friend

8. How often do you think about your crush?

A. Very often

B. Once in a while

C. Often

9. Do your friends know that you are crushing on this person?

A. Yes, all my friends know

B. Just a few know

C. None of my friends know about this

10. Do you mostly run into your crush?

A. Yes, most of the time

B. Not often

C. Occasionally

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