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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 342 | Updated: Mar 06, 2022
How Straight Are You Based on Your Taste Quiz
The compatibility of romantic couples is based on many factors such as taste in movies, music, food, or sport. Some people may not have many common interests in the beginning, but with time new interests start blooming. As genders are becoming more fluid and gender roles are getting more diverse, the stereotypes that men love sports and women love shopping have become irrelevant now. You may relate more with “non-straight” couples on screen but in life, you remain invested in the opposite sex. This does not necessarily mean that you are not straight. You may just have an open mind that wants to discover all the possibilities in our global society. So your taste in things does not define you wholly, it just makes it easier to find an understanding partner. To find out more how straight are you based on your taste, take this quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you always been attracted to the opposite sex?

A. Yes, I am instinctively attracted to straight people

B. No, my preferences keep changing

C. Yes, without a doubt

2. Does it bother you when straight people essay the characters of non-straight people?

A. Yes, I feel all businesses should be inclusionary

B. No, not really

C. Sometimes, especially when they are portrayed in a punch-down fashion

3. Do you think that the sports teams should not be male-dominated?

A. I feel men perform better than women on fields

B. I think it is time we speak against the gender biases in businesses

C. I do not think they matter much anyway

4. What sort of a wedding ceremony have you always pictured?

A. A fairy-tale wedding

B. Traditional ceremonies are warm and intimate

C. I just want a small and warm ceremony

5. Do you believe in abiding by the social norms that define gender roles?

A. I think it makes life easier

B. No, I believe in teamwork without hierarchy

C. I am not sure

6. Do you think our society treats straight couples more respectfully than others?

A. Yes absolutely

B. I think we are becoming more aware

C. I do not think so

7. Do you often compare other people’s choices to yours?

A. No, I like learning about different choices

B. Sometimes, but just in my head

C. I do not think I pay much attention to the comparison

8. How would you react if your partner cross-dresses as a joke?

A. I would not be offended as long as the joke is not on others

B. I would be appalled

C. I would be shocked

9. What would you do if your partner realizes one day that they are not straight?

A. I would be supportive

B. I think I will have a nervous breakdown

C. I will be shattered but will have their interest at heart

10. Are you a monogamist?

A. I think I am

B. I am not sure

C. Probably

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