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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 4304 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
How Old Will I Be When I Get Married?
Do you want to know what age you will be when you get married? Will you be young and open-minded or old and wise? Take this quiz to find out how old you will be when you get married!

Questions Excerpt

1. Your best friend is at home sick. What do you do?

A. Bring him/her some chicken soup

B. Send him/her a card

C. Call him/her

D. Nothing

2. In which European city would your perfect honeymoon take place?

A. Paris, France

B. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

C. Barcelona, Spain

D. Copenhagen, Denmark

3. What is your dream job?

A. Secretary

B. Actor

C. Dentist

D. Scientist

4. What is your favorite comfort food?

A. Pancakes

B. Mac and cheese

C. Meatloaf

D. Donuts

5. What is your favorite color?

A. Red

B. Green

C. Yellow

D. Black

6. What is one of your favorite hobbies?

A. Watching TV

B. Exercising

C. Studying

D. Sleeping

7. Where would your perfect date take place?

A. Outdoors

B. A restaurant

C. Cinema

D. Home

8. Which gift would you most want for Christmas?

A. Clothes

B. Books

C. Jewelry

D. Money

9. What is your favorite book genre?

A. Romance

B. Biographical

C. Science fiction

D. Historical

10. Which animal would you most want as a pet?

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Fish

D. Lizard

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