How Much Does She Mean To You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 387
How Much Does She Mean To You?

Questions Excerpt

1. How long are you in a relationship?

A. 0-1 years

B. 2-4 years

C. 5-10 years

D. 10 +

2. How much do you see her?

A. Sometimes

B. Every day for at least four hours.

C. After work and on the weekend.

D. Most days.

3. How do you show your love to her?

A. A hug.

B. A long romantic kiss.

C. A peck.

D. Taking her out and kissing her.

4. Do you like to spoil your girlfriend?

A. I love spoiling her with gifts and night outs

B. It depends, only if she gets me things I like

C. I never spoil her because she's not worth it

D. Never have and I never will

5. Would you ever marry your girlfriend in the future?

A. No

B. I hope I would

C. I don't know

D. Maybe

6. How much do you think of her?

A. Never

B. Every second of every day

C. Only when I have free time to think

D. Sometimes, maybe at night

7. What would you do if you see your girlfriend flirting with another guy?

A. I would put an end to it right away

B. I really couldn't care less

C. I would flirt with another girl to make her jealous

D. I would dump her as soon as I find out

8. When you take your girlfriend to the cinema, what do you do while watching the movie?

A. I just sit casually

B. I put my arms around her and let her snuggle into me

C. I would just leave her alone and concentrate on the movie

D. I would keep her comfortable in my arms and let her enjoy every minute of the movie

9. If your girlfriend saw something she really really liked, would you get it for her?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. I wouldn't say no because It could hurt her

D. No

10. Have you ever told your girlfriend that you love her?

A. Yes, of course

B. Not yet

C. I don't have plans to do that

D. I always tell her that I love her

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