How Good at Sex are You? Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 152
How Good at Sex are You? Quiz
Do you ever wonder how good at sex you are? When you are with another person sexually, does it run across your mind if you are doing a good enough job? Is the other person enjoying themselves? Are you enjoying yourself? If you ponder these questions, take this quiz and see what position you fall in. Maybe you can improve your sex life, the sex life of others, or perhaps your sex life is thriving, and you do Read more not need to worry. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you have sex?

A. Daily

B. Weekly

C. Rarely or never

2. Do you enjoy having sex?

A. No, I prefer cuddling or hand holding

B. I like having sex sometimes, not everyday

C. YES! I have a lot of sex and I really enjoy it

3. Do you like trying new things in bed?

A. It depends on what ‘new things’

B. Yes, I am very adventurous

C. No, I am content with a calm sexual routine

4. Do you try new and different positions?

A. No, missionary only!

B. I like some new positions, but there’s nothing wrong with what is tried and true

C. Yes, I love to constantly mix it up

5. Do you feel sexy when you are having sex?

A. Yes, I love my body and the way I look/sound during sex

B. No, I feel self-conscious and uncomfortable

C. Yeah mostly, there are times I want to keep my shirt on or keep the light off

6. Where’s your mind when you are having sex?

A. I am present and focused on what and who I’m doing

B. I am usually thinking about other things I need to get done

C. My mind drifts but I always bring it back to the present moment

7. How often do you initiate sex?

A. Never, I let them make the first move

B. It depends on the situation, but I do initiate sometimes

C. I regularly initiate sex, I want it when I want it

8. Do you make your partner(s) orgasm?

A. Yes, they always orgasm

B. No, I care more about my orgasm

C. I make them orgasm sometimes and other times they do it themselves

9. Do you play games in the bedroom?

A. I like to play games sometimes, other times I just prefer to have regular sex

B. I love playing games, tie me up and I’m ready!

C. No, I do not like to have games in the bedroom

10. Do you have sex in different locations?

A. Yes, I love trying new places besides the bedroom

B. I have tried a few different places

C. No, I only have sex in a bed

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