Horoscope Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign My True Love Is?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 514
Horoscope Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign My True Love Is?

Welcome to our fun and exciting horoscope quiz that will help you determine which zodiac sign your true love is! Whether you believe in astrology or not, this quiz will provide you with insights into the personality traits that may be compatible with yours and guide you toward finding your perfect match.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite color?

A. Purple

B. Green

C. Orange

D. Yellow

2. What is one of your best traits?

A. Hardworking

B. Creative

C. Friend-oriented

D. Adventurous

3. How do you like to express your love to someone you like?

A. Simply by telling them

B. I’ll drop a hint

C. I’ll write a personal letter

D. I’ll plan a grand proposal

4. Do you practice public displays of affection?

A. Not really

B. A bit maybe

C. As long as we both are comfortable

D. Yes. Why shouldn’t I

5. Do you prefer to keep your relationship a secret?

A. I wouldn’t want to share with everyone

B. Close people can know

C. Up to some extent

D. Not really

6. How well do you receive criticism?

A. I’m okay with them

B. I’m fine to receive them as long as they don’t make me uncomfortable

C. I’m sensitive towards criticism

D. It hits my ego

7. Would you like to go on a blind date?

A. I’m not sure

B. I can try

C. I don't think so

D. Why not?

8. It is hard for you to resist someone who is…

A. Straightforward

B. Charming

C. Sensitive

D. Popular

9. Where would your ideal date take place?

A. A theme park

B. The movies

C. The park

D. A restaurant

10. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

A. Alcohol

B. Junk food

C. Soap operas

D. Cupcakes

11. Which career would you rather pursue?

A. Lawyer

B. Doctor

C. Teacher

D. Designer

12. Which animal would you rather be?

A. Bull

B. Cat

C. Fish

D. Lion

13. What is your favorite school subject?

A. Science

B. Art

C. English

D. P.E.

14. What is your favorite gemstone?

A. Garnet

B. Pink Tourmaline

C. Ruby

D. Peridot

15. What is one of your flaws?

A. Stubborn

B. Indecisive

C. Non-confrontational

D. Prideful

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