Horoscope Quiz!

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 514
Horoscope Quiz!
If you want to know more about your true love, then this is the quiz for you! Take this quiz to find out what zodiac sign your true love is!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite color?

A. Purple

B. Green

C. Orange

D. Yellow

2. What is one of your best traits?

A. Hardworking

B. Adventurous

C. Friend-oriented

D. Creative

3. It is hard for you to resist someone who is…

A. Straightforward

B. Charming

C. Sensitive

D. Popular

4. Where would your ideal date take place?

A. A theme park

B. The movies

C. The park

D. A restaurant

5. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

A. Alcohol

B. Junk food

C. Soap operas

D. Cupcakes

6. Which career would you rather pursue?

A. Lawyer

B. Doctor

C. Teacher

D. Designer

7. Which animal would you rather be?

A. Bull

B. Cat

C. Fish

D. Lion

8. What is your favorite school subject?

A. Science

B. Art

C. English

D. P.E.

9. What is your favorite gemstone?

A. Garnet

B. Pink Tourmaline

C. Ruby

D. Peridot

10. What is one of your flaws?

A. Stubborn

B. Indecisive

C. Non-confrontational

D. Prideful

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