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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 152 | Updated: Jun 01, 2023
 Does Your Crush Secretly Like You Quiz?

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about your crush? Do you wonder if they feel the same way about you? Has their recent behavior towards you given you some reason to hope? 

It can be tough to decode someone's true feelings, but this ‘Does Your Crush Secretly Like You?” quiz will help you determine if there's a chance your crush secretly likes you. Answer the following questions honestly and we'll give you an insight into your crush's potential feelings for you. Good luck!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you're around your crush, do they:

A. Avoid eye contact

B. Look at me occasionally

C. Hold eye contact with a smile

2. How often does your crush initiate conversation with you?

A. Rarely

B. Sometimes

C. Often

3. When you talk to your crush, do they:

A. Seem disinterested or distracted

B. Listen and respond politely

C. Laugh and flirt with me

4. Have you ever caught your crush staring at you?

A. No

B. Once or twice

C. Yes, often

5. Does your crush remember small details about you?

A. No, they don't seem to pay attention

B. Occasionally, but not consistently

C. Yes, they remember things I’ve told them in the past

6. Has your crush ever given you a compliment?

A. No

B. Once or twice

C. Yes, they compliment me frequently

7. How does your crush act around other people compared to how they act around you?

A. They seem the same with everyone

B. They're a bit more reserved around me

C. They're more outgoing and playful with me

8. Does your crush make an effort to be physically close to you?

A. No, they usually keep their distance

B. Sometimes, but not consistently

C. Yes, they try to be close to me whenever possible

9. How does your crush respond when you touch them (e.g. a playful tap on the shoulder)?

A. They pull away or seem uncomfortable

B. They don't react strongly either way

C. They smile or playfully touch me back

10. Have you ever caught your crush looking at you when they thought you weren't paying attention?

A. No

B. Maybe once or twice

C. Yes, it's happened multiple times

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