Does He Like Me Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 44
Does He Like Me Quiz
It is easy to get caught up in will-we-won't-we feelings with someone. You might be feeling confused about these new thoughts or possibilities that might be coming your way. If you have a friend who you think you might have feelings for, or better yet, who you think might have feelings for you, that’s great!rnTake this quick quiz to see if you're reading these signals right, or if it's all in your Read more head. It's time to check if he likes you! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How much time does he spend with you?

A. A lot

B. A moderate amount

C. Hardly any time

2. Who is the first one to make plans to meet?

A. You

B. It's usually him

C. You both take turns making plans

3. Who usually texts first?

A. You

B. Him

C. You both take turns

4. How often do you text each other?

A. All the time

B. Once or twice in a day

C. He texts only if something important is to be conveyed

5. Do you ever spend time alone, or it’s always with friends?

A. We spend a lot of time alone

B. We spend more time with our group of friends

C. We don’t spend as much time together

6. Does he tell you about his personal stuff?

A. Yes, we almost always have deep personal conversations

B. Yes, but only when I force him to

C. No, we don't have personal conversations

7. Does he talk about you with other people?

A. Yes, he talks about me with other people all the time!

B. Yes, but he doesn't talk about me unless someone asks

C. No, he hardly talks about me to other people

8. Does he try to impress you by making jokes or complimenting you?

A. Yes, he compliments me all the time and makes me laugh

B. Yes, he does that sometimes

C. No, he doesn't really do any of this

9. Have you ever met his friends?

A. Yes, I hang out with his friends a lot!

B. Yes, I hang out with his friends sometimes

C. No, I've never met his friends

10. Does he seem jealous when you don't pay him enough attention?

A. Yes, he gets jealous easily

B. Yes, he gets jealous sometimes but not always

C. No, he never seems to get jealous

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