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10 Questions | Updated: Jan 17, 2024
Do Your Parents Compare You Too Much With Others Quiz

Feeling like you're always being measured against others? Our 'Do Your Parents Compare You Too Much With Others Quiz' is here to help you assess if you're experiencing excessive comparisons at home. This quiz will guide you through various scenarios to determine how often you're compared to peers or siblings. Understanding this can be the first step in addressing it. Let's explore your situation with empathy and insight!"

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do your parents mention your siblings' or friends' achievements?

A. All the time

B. Occasionally

C. Rarely or never

2. When you achieve something, do your parents...

A. Immediately compare it to someone else's achievements?

B. Acknowledge it but also mention others?

C. Celebrate your achievement without comparisons?

3. Do your parents set expectations based on...

A. What others your age are doing?

B. A mix of your abilities and others' achievements?

C. Your personal interests and abilities?

4. When discussing your future, do your parents...

A. Often cite others as examples to follow?

B. Sometimes mention others' paths as reference points?

C. Focus on your individual preferences and choices?

5. How do your parents react to your mistakes or failures?

A. By pointing out how others didn't make such mistakes

B. By occasionally comparing you to others who did better

C. By supporting you and focusing on your learning process

6. When you express your goals or dreams, do your parents...

A. Often suggest you should aim for what others have achieved?

B. Sometimes guide you using others' achievements as examples?

C. Encourage you to pursue what you truly want?

7. In conversations, do your parents...

A. Frequently bring up other children's successes?

B. Occasionally mention how others are doing?

C. Rarely talk about others in comparison to you?

8. When you share your accomplishments, do your parents...

A. Measure them against what others have done?

B. Acknowledge them but also remind you of others' achievements?

C. Celebrate your success without comparing?

9. Do your parents use phrases like "Why can't you be more like..."?

A. Yes, quite often

B. Sometimes, in certain contexts

C. No, they don't say things like that

10. How do you feel about your parents' approach to your achievements and failures?

A. Pressured to match or exceed others

B. Aware of others but also recognized for my efforts

C. Valued for my individual journey, irrespective of others

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