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10 Questions | Updated: May 14, 2024
Do You Know About Heidi Klum Relationship Quiz

Heidi Klum, a renowned supermodel, television host, and businesswoman, has had a vibrant and well-documented personal life that's as dynamic as her career. From high-profile marriages to notable relationships, her romantic history includes some intriguing partnerships.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Heidi Klum's relationships, exploring how much you know about her love life and the personalities who have been a part of it. 

Whether you're a fan of her fashion prowess or her television shows, discover how well you track the details of her romantic endeavors.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who was Heidi Klum first married to?

A. Seal

B. Ric Pipino

C. Tom Kaulitz

D. Flavio Briatore

2. Heidi Klum was famously in a relationship with which British singer?

A. Elton John

B. Seal

C. Ed Sheeran

D. Phil Collins

3. What year did Heidi Klum marry Tom Kaulitz?

A. 2017

B. 2018

C. 2019

D. 2020

4. Who is the father of Heidi Klum's children?

A. Ric Pipino

B. Seal

C. Tom Kaulitz

D. Flavio Briatore

5. Heidi and Seal renewed their vows annually. In what unique style did they do it?

A. Beach ceremony

B. Costume party

C. Private island ceremony

D. None of the above

6. How many children does Heidi Klum have?

A. Two

B. Three

C. Four

D. Five

7. Which fashion event did Heidi Klum meet her husband, Tom Kaulitz?

A. Paris Fashion Week

B. Cannes Film Festival

C. Met Gala

D. amfAR Gala

8. Before marrying, how did Heidi Klum announce her engagement to Tom Kaulitz?

A. At a live television show

B. In a magazine interview

C. Through an Instagram post

D. During a radio interview

9. Which year did Heidi Klum and Seal finalize their divorce?

A. 2012

B. 2014

C. 2015

D. 2013

10. What is unique about Heidi Klum's relationship with Tom Kaulitz, considering her past relationships?

A. He is not involved in the entertainment industry

B. He is significantly younger than her

C. He is from the same country as Heidi

D. He is also a fashion model

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