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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 561 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Can You Pass The Couples Immigration Quiz?
The work of an immigration officer must be fascinating at times, especially when they interview couples of American citizens and foreigners who want to obtain a Green Card through marriage. Situations like these have been often depicted in movies, usually comedies, and we all have seen at least one hilarious scene where a couple needs to demonstrate they know each other well enough and have an authentic relationship rather than being together just for gaining permanent residence in the U.S. Whether you are such a couple or you are a couple composed of two American citizens, you can take this quiz for fun and see how well you know each other. Take the quiz separately and see if your answers match!

Questions Excerpt

1. Where did the bride wake up in the day of the wedding?

A. In her home

B. In her parents' home

C. In a friend's home

D. At a hotel

2. Where did you go after the wedding?

A. At our home

B. Directly on our honeymoon

C. To our parents' homes

D. We went out to have coffee and breakfast

3. How many floors are in the apartment building where you live?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four or more

4. How is your spouse paid?

A. Weekly

B. Every two weeks

C. Monthly

D. Other payment scheme

5. Who was your spouse with when you met for the first time?

A. Alone

B. With her best friend

C. With a relative

D. With a bunch of friends

6. When did you move together?

A. Almost immediately after starting our relationship

B. A couple of months after

C. Around six months after

D. Around one year into our relationship

7. On which side does your spouse sleep on?

A. Left

B. Right

C. It depends

D. We sleep in separate beds

8. Where does your spouse keep their clean underwear?

A. In a drawer in the bedroom

B. In a drawer in the bathroom

C. In the dressing

D. In a basket in the bedroom

9. What kind of birth control do you use?

A. Natural

B. Condom

C. Pill

D. Other

10. What genre was the last movie you saw together?

A. Comedy

B. Drama

C. Action

D. Fantasy or science fiction

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