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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 401 | Updated: May 07, 2024
Are You Suffering From Nice Girl Syndrome Quiz

Do you often find yourself putting others first, hesitant to say no, or express your true feelings? While it’s great to be kind, consistently prioritizing others' needs over your own might indicate you're experiencing 'Nice Girl Syndrome.' This term refers to people who are excessively nice, often using kindness as a shield from conflict or criticism. Take the quiz 'Are you suffering from nice girl syndrome?" to discover if you're too nice for your own good.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have a lot of friends?

A. Yes, I do

B. No, I don’t

C. I have some

2. Do you hesitate in saying no to people?

A. No, I don’t

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, I do

3. How good are you at taking criticism from others?

A. I can’t take criticism

B. I don’t mind criticism

C. I get upset

4. Is it easy for your friends to borrow money from you?

A. Yes, I think so

B. No, I don’t think so

C. Sometimes

5. Are you afraid of commitments?

A. I think so

B. I don’t think so

C. I'm not sure

6. Do people easily pour in their secrets to you?

A. Yes, they do

B. No, not easily

C. Yes, some of them

7. Do you feel that a lot of people need help from you?

A. No, I don’t think so

B. Yes, sometimes

C. Yes, I think so

8. Were you neglected as a child?

A. No, I wasn't

B. No, but I felt lonely

C. Yes, I was

9. Did you grow up in a violent household?

A. Yes, I did

B. No, I didn’t

C. I can’t say

10. What do you think will happen if you say no to an activity that your friend proposes in which you are not interested?

A. I think they’ll get hurt

B. They will be sad, but I can’t risk my mental peace

C. I'm not sure

11. How do you feel when someone compliments you?

A. I feel like they're just being nice.

B. I appreciate it and feel good about myself.

C. It makes me uncomfortable but happy.

12. Do you often find yourself apologizing even when you’re not at fault?

A. Yes, all the time.

B. No, I only apologize when necessary.

C. Sometimes, to avoid conflict.

13. Do you struggle to express your feelings when they might upset others?

A. Yes, I avoid it as much as possible.

B. No, I express myself openly regardless of others' reactions.

C. It's difficult, but I manage to speak up sometimes.

14. Do you feel responsible for making everyone around you happy?

A. Yes, it feels like my duty

B. No, everyone is responsible for their own happiness.

C. I feel this way with close friends and family.

15. How do you react if someone disagrees with you in a group setting?

A. I usually change my stance to avoid conflict.

B. I stand by my opinion confidently.

C. I get anxious but try to maintain my point of view.

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