The Fun Compatibility Quiz- Can You Two Have Fun Together?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1488
The Fun Compatibility Quiz- Can You Two Have Fun Together?
Having fun is a big part of being a couple. Without relaxing and forgetting about daily chores, life becomes unbearable. If you are in a relationship, it is vital that you two have the same opinions when it comes to fun. When one of you wants to go to the cinema this weekend and the other is planning for a hiking expedition, a conflict may emerge. Or can you laugh every time your partner says the same joke to your friends? Take this quiz to discover if you are compatible when it comes to fun!

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you laugh together?

A. Every day

B. Maybe every few days

C. Once a week

D. I can't remember the last time

2. You love jogging but your partner prefers reading. How do you two cope?

A. They jog with me once a week and I read their favorite books

B. We respect each other's options

C. We tease each other on the subject

D. We get into conflicts when it comes to leisure time

3. You are stuck together in an airport with your flight delayed. What do you do?

A. We play the mime

B. We just talk about anything - our conversations are always interesting

C. We talk to other people around us

D. We ignore each other and even fight

4. What is your place at a party?

A. We're the soul of the party

B. We have fun like everybody else

C. We get bored at some point

D. We ruin the party with a fight

5. What do you think about boredom?

A. It's something normal and nothing to be afraid of

B. It is not pleasant, but it happens

C. I try to avoid it

D. It's synonymous with our relationship

6. Are your partner’s jokes funny?

A. Yes, like ROFL funny

B. Yes, most times

C. Not really

D. No, they're plain and boring

7. You have some guests this weekend. How do you feel about it?

A. We'll have a great time!

B. It does bring some extra work, but we like having guests

C. We will be stressed and not have time for each other

D. Why does he or she have to invite those annoying friends to our house?

8. Your partner’s birthday is coming. What are your plans and expectations?

A. I'll organize a surprise party because I know exactly what they like

B. We'll spend time together and have a romantic dinner

C. We'll meet with friends

D. I feel a big fight coming

9. Your partner suggests jogging at 6 AM. What is your reaction?

A. Great, we'll see the sunrise together!

B. I'll make an effort and wake up.

C. I'll do it if you really want to.

D. No way!

10. You have played a prank on your partner – nothing exaggerated. What is their reaction?

A. They have a great laugh

B. They laugh although they are a bit shocked

C. They don't seem very happy

D. They get very angry

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