Are They Your Twin Flame or Just a Party Date?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 31
Are They Your Twin Flame or Just a Party Date?
Have you doubted whether or not your partner is really your soulmate? Are you looking for an answer to if they are “the one” or just having some fun? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this quiz will help you make the right decision.

Questions Excerpt

1. When it comes to your belief about right and wrong, do you and your partner:

A. Agree on almost everything

B. Have some differences of opinion, but not on the big stuff

C. Have almost no beliefs in common

2. You and your partner just had a huge fight. Do you:

A. Apologize and forgive each other

B. Hold a small grudge but get over it by the end of the night

C. Never forget how you were hurt, and bring up the argument again in the future

3. You tell your partner you don’t feel well and want to go to bed early. Do they:

A. Respect your decision

B. Complain a little, but let you go to bed early

C. Force you to stay awake until they feel like going to bed too

4. Family is important to you. Your partner:

A. Values family and introduces you quickly

B. Sees family as important but takes their time introducing you to them

C. Doesn’t really care about family. You still haven’t met their parents

5. Think about your favorite hobby. Does your partner:

A. Participate in it with you

B. Let you talk about it, but doesn’t really get into it

C. Think it’s a waste of time

6. Considering your personality type, does your partner’s personality:

A. Mesh well with yours

B. Create small conflicts, but you both manage to work it through

C. Clash with yours completely

7. Your first kiss with your partner was:

A. An utterly magical experience

B. A little bit awkward, but quickly improved

C. Completely uncomfortable

8. When you and your partner first met, did you:

A. Know right away, it was love at first sight

B. Stay friends for some time before you started dating

C. Settle for them because you were lonely

9. When it comes to a sense of humor, you and your partner:

A. Share many laughs

B. Have a chuckle here and there

C. Never have any lighthearted moments

10. If you were having a bad day, would your partner:

A. Notice immediately and bring you flowers

B. Pick up that something was wrong, but not know what to do about it

C. Completely ignore the fact that you’re upset

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