Am I Texting Him Too Much Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 586
Am I Texting Him Too Much Quiz
Are you confused about whether you are texting him too much or not? Are your conversations over text going cold? Does it make you feel unloved or something? As long as you are not sending pushy or clingy text messages, you must be doing fine but if you are perplexed about how much you should text him, take this ‘’Am I Texting Too Much Quiz’’ and find out what you need to know!

Questions Excerpt

1. How Old is the guy?

A. Under 18

B. 18-35

C. 35+

2. How old are you?

A. Under 18

B. 18-35

C. 35+

3. What kind of stuff do you normally text about?

A. Flirty texts

B. General- many of them are friendly

C. Kind of sexual but lighthearted & fun!

4. Have you ever received a reply like ''Lol'' or ''Yeah I get you'' even though you sent a long and thoughtful text?

A. Yes, and these are conversation killers.

B. No, I haven’t yet.

C. We aren't close enough to send a long and thoughtful text.

5. How often have you texted him in the last 3 days?

A. I actually haven't texted him other than the initial one.

B. I've texted him so many times.

C. A few times.

6. Does he ignore your messages?

A. Yes, it happens a lot and it makes me so sad.

B. Rarely, only when he’s busy.

C. Not an everyday thing.

7. How he treats you?

A. He treats me like an option.

B. He likes to make me happy.

C. He keeps ignoring me and acting as if I don’t exist.

8. If he doesn't text you for a few hours, your first reaction will be…

A. He’s having sex or flirting with another girl behind my back!

B. He hates me, and I bet he’s checking his ex-girlfriend out or doing something evil!

C. I bet he’s busy.

9. Are you afraid to lose him?

A. I’m unsure.

B. Yes…

C. No.

10. What are you two?

A. His girlfriend/wife

B. His ‘’hook up buddy’’

C. His friend.

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