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12 Questions | Total Attempts: 610 | Updated: Apr 27, 2022
 Am I Self Centered Quiz?

Generally, humans can be seen as working towards their selfish goals. But some people tend to overdo it. Being self centered for instance is an obsessive way of telling the world and everyone in it that you’re better than them. Being self centered reeks of narcissistic tendencies and superiority. 

‘Am I Self Centered’ quiz will help you uncover your level of self centeredness in society. It’s an ideal quiz to check whether you are self centered or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you enjoy the company of others?

A. Definitely not often

B. I definitely enjoy the company of others

C. Only a small group of people

2. How do you feel about the idea of working in a team?

A. It isn’t suitable for me

B. I enjoy working in a team a lot

C. Well, it depends on who’s in the team

3. Are you a difficult person to live with?

A. I experience conflicts often

B. I’m an easy going person to all

C. Can’t really say. It’s up to others to decide that

4. What do you think about giving alms?

A. I think everyone is supposed to work and not live off charity

B. Alms giving is a generous deed that must continue

C. It can create avenues for scammers to thrive

5. Have you ever been called selfish?

A. I get that often

B. I have never been called that

C. Not always but sometimes



7. What one word describes you?

A. Conceited

B. Generous

C. Realist

8. Do you care about what others think about you?

A. No, I can’t be bothered

B. Yes, I do

C. It depends

9. How high is your self esteem?

A. It’s very high

B. It’s not very high

C. It’s moderately okay



11. Do you get involved in charity work?

A. No, I am not

B. Yes, as often as I can, I do get involved

C. I leave it to specialized organizations

12. Will you lend a heavy cash to a friend or relative?

A. No way

B. Absolutely

C. I may have to think about it

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