Shirley Katz, Ph.D
Counselor and Psychotherapist

Shirley Katz


Shirley's training: included Clinical Psychology and Assessment (Pathology Focus), Counselling Psychology, Vocational Rehabilitation and Career Counselling, Child and Youth Mental Health, Supervision, Program Development and Evaluation, etc. Her research was focused on Eating Disorders as well as on the Experience of High School for Those Who Struggle. She is a published author on the subject of Body Image. At UBC and U of Calgary she taught and supervised graduate students in Counselling Psychology. She studied Multicultural Counselling, Learning, Biological Psychology, Career, Family and Couples, Assessment, and much more. She presented on topics related to Eating Disorders, Relationships and Diversity Sensitivity, Workplace Stress and Coping, Communication, Assertiveness, etc. She taught and supervised graduate level counselors at two Canadian universities. She has consulted on Body Image issues for the media as well as issues related to Gender identity.


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My Articles

Blueprint to Ending the Argument Cycle  with Your Spouse

Blueprint to Ending the Argument Cycle  with Your Spouse

Many couples come into therapy ready to argue in front of the therapist. They are each hurt and hoping someone will validate their viewpoints and their ...
Readiness for Relationship Therapy

Readiness for Relationship Therapy

As a Psychotherapist in private practice, I see many couples and families and hear a lot about relationship issues. While relationships are as diverse ...

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