How Travel Keeps the Romance in Your Marriage Alive

How Travel Keeps the Romance in Your Marriage Alive

When a couple first gets together, the relationship is steamy, exciting, and new. Even when that couple first gets married, all of those feelings are renewed and magnified. But as time moves on and you fall into the daily monotony of routine, the relationship becomes less of a spark and more of a fizzle.


This very common situation is not as dire as it seems. Breaking out of those daily routines is a healthy way to revitalize your relationship. Need a major kick-start? Planning a trip to somewhere neither of you have been before will rejuvenate the romance in your marriage.


1. Travel breaks you out of your comfort zones

Comfort zones are not necessarily a bad thing; they stabilize you and create a sense of normalcy. However, staying within a comfort zone indefinitely will lead to boredom. Escaping those comfort zones through travel will not only benefit your relationship during the trip.After returning home, the benefits will linger. There isan overall self-improvement you will developas an individual and as a couple through these fresh, new experiences. Not to mention, the memories that you will reminisce on will last a lifetime. Writing together in a daily travel journal is a great way to capture those moments.


2. Travel requires you to work as a team

From planning a trip to following through, there is a whole lot of teamwork that is involved in the process. When Jen and her husband went backpacking through Europe, they worked together to find their way through unknown (to them) regions of the world. They budgeted and shared meals, laughed through their frustrations (humor truly does relieve tension), and figured out all of the little issues that come with travel. The biggest benefit to all of this is that you leave behind your “regular” home problems for a while and take on new challenges together.


3. Travel keeps the romance in your marriage blooming

Seeing new sights. Smelling new scents. Hearing new sounds. Tasting new food. All of these things will lead you to touching a new level in your relationship. Travel awakens the inner workings of what makes us human and revs up our passions. Passion is what it all comes down to, isn’t it? Renew the passion in your marriage by booking a flight, planning a road-trip, or sailing away to the great unknown.

Kelli Hastings is a writer, social worker, and proud advocate for women. She earned her B.A. degree from the University of Oregon in 2007, and worked as a behavior support specialist and program manager. She is inspired to support couples, teach them skills that lead to healthy, happy and romantic partnerships. Her interests include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, visualization practice, and related therapies.

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