What Is a Relationship and How You Can Grow It into Something Meaningful

What Is a Relationship and How You Can Grow It into Something Meaningful

It is human nature to love and feel loved. Humans are evolved individuals, who find it rather difficult to be alone and happy and instead consider it a basic necessity of life to find someone who they can be in a relationship with, spend their lives happily with.

One may ask, what is a relationship?

A relationship is described as any two people who have agreed to be exclusive i.e. be only with each other and accepting all of them, their strengths and their flaws entirely.

Although many seek commitment for the sake of having a loved one by their side at all times, someone they can share their joys and sorrows and spend their entire life with but sometimes, people tend to get caught up in life and forget the true meaning of being in a relationship.

Not only does one require characteristics such as loyalty, honesty and passion out of their partner, there is a lot more than we all expect out of a strong, healthy relationship.

Listed down below are features that are considered vital for any real, growing relationship

Having complete freedom

Partners in a relationship need to be free and not bound by the other for any reason.

They should be able to speak for themselves, voice their thoughts and opinion, be free to follow their heart and passions and make choices that they believe are good for them.

Having faith in each other

Any couple that lacks the trust is rarely able to last long. It is essential for any two partners in a relationship to have complete faith in their significant other.

They should believe each other and trust their choices instead of constant nagging or sceptical attitude.

To love and be loved

Being in a relationship is equivalent of being in love.

You choose to be with that person because you love them and you accept them for who they are.

A couple in a relationship should admire each other for their knowledge, their qualities and get the inspiration they need to change into better versions of themselves.

Learning to share

Allowing one another to share a part of your life is extremely important

From feelings to finances, emotions to words, even thoughts and actions; a couple who shares each and every part of their lives with each other are said to be in a true, healthy relationship.

Allowing one another to share a part of your life is extremely important as it allows you both to spend quality time, to connect and eventually strengthen your relationship.

Being there for each other

What is a relationship that doesn’t have a partner who supports each other at all times?

Understanding and supporting your loved one through tough times is what makes a relationship strong because it is only then you truly show how much you love and care for them and when the time comes, they will do the same for you.

Being yourself with no judgments

A relationship requires each of the partners to be completely transparent with each other. They should be their true selves and should not pretend to someone else just to impress your partner.

Similarly, both of them should accept each other for them and not try to change them into something they are not.

Being an individual

Although couples love spending time with each other and often tend to pick each other habits, likes and dislikes, it is important that despite this you stay yourself.

You are allowed to have your own views and opinions and your perspective on life regardless of what your partner thinks or feels. Usually, it is these differences that knit two lovers in a closer bond.

Being a team

Teamwork is essential for a healthy, long-term relationship. Both the partners should understand and be by each other sides. They should also consider each other and ask for advice or suggestion before making any, major or minor, decision in their life especially if that decision if to affect their relationship. Both the partners need to work together to steer their relationship towards success.

Being friends and having fun together

Friendship is a vital part of any friendship

Friendship is a vital part of any friendship.

Two people who are not friends are usually not able to last long. Being friends means you enjoy each other’s company. Both of you are able to make each other laugh, have a mutual understanding, and enjoy spending time with each other.

Friendly couples also often engage in activities together and end up having much fun.

It is important for any two people in a relationship to realize and understand the true meaning of their relationship. Simply living together is not what qualifies your relationship to be strong but instead, you should be able to feel and reciprocate all of the above to have a happy, satisfied relationship.

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