Could Fostering Strengthen Your Marriage?

Could Fostering Strengthen Your Marriage?

It’s widely accepted that a good marriage isn’t something that just happens, it’s something that you have to work at. When couples fall into a routine, a common complaint is that it begins to feel a lot like having a roommate rather than a partner. Working separate jobs and living separate lives is great for maintaining your independence, but once the children have flown the nest, it can be difficult to find a common interest to bring you back together. Even childless couples can face this kind of challenge in their marriage and it can often feel like the marriage isn’t working when in reality there is nothing fundamentally wrong.

For couples looking for a joint challenge to take on together, fostering could offer an altruistic option that could bring you closer together. Facing a challenge together can help to strengthen your marriage and remind two people of the reasons they fell in love with one another. Here are three reasons you should consider fostering to strengthen your marriage:

You’d make a real difference to a child’s life

There is no doubt that fostering is a worthy cause. There are so many children in need throughout the world, and while many people get caught up in the idea of fostering a child before adopting, this isn’t always the path you need to take. Fostering can take many different forms, including short-term, respite care and long-term arrangements. If you don’t feel that you could commit to having a child live with you full-time, you could always offer emergency foster care, or respite care for children with special needs to give their parents a chance to recharge their batteries.

It’s a good reminder of your strengths

We’re often attracted to people who are dissimilar to ourselves, and over time these differences can start to seem ordinary. Fostering a child is a real challenge that will require training, perseverance and emotional strength. Going through this journey together can help to remind couples of their partner’s strengths and help to renew their love. While fostering shouldn’t be used as a quick fix for a stale marriage, if it’s something you have thought about in the past, it might be worth revisiting.

You’ll have to make an effort

When you’re a parent or a foster carer, you have to make a genuine effort to spend quality time together. It won’t happen unless you make it happen, so you will find a new dimension to your marriage when you realise that you really want to spend time together. Finding time to talk about anything other than foster care or your private fostering agency will be a treat, and booking that monthly babysitter will make your date night more important than ever before.

As mentioned earlier, fostering is a real challenge, and as such, it shouldn’t be used to mend a broken marriage, but you may find that going on this journey together could help to strengthen your marriage like never before.

Veronica Pembleton
This article is written by Veronica Pembleton. Through working with several charities, governing bodies and specialist agencies in fostering in Liverpool, Veronica uses her journalism experience to shed light on the issues that people don’t talk about enough.