When To Walk Away From A Friendship Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1820
When To Walk Away From A Friendship Quiz
Here's when to walk away from a friendship quiz! Do you have a friend who seems to be causing you more pain and less joy lately, and you're not sure why? Have others noticed how you've changed (for the worse) while this person has been around? This quiz is for you if you believe you are in a toxic friendship. When taking this 10-question quiz, think of ONE specific friend. Even if you haven't encountered some of these scenarios, try to imagine how your person would react based on previous experiences. You'll be figuring out when you're done!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have a good time when you're with them?

A. I' have never thought about it 

B. Yes

C. Sometimes

2. If you had a secret, would you tell them?

A. Who can I rely on if I don't rely on them?

B. No, never

C. I need to think about it 

3. Do they make you feel good about yourself?

A. I have no reason to feel bad when I'm with them

B. I don't think they know what that means

C. They would, but I wouldn't be affected with

4. Do you have the impression that they like you just the way you are?

A. I'm sure they love me anyway

B. Go, ask them!

C. They try to change me

5. Do you believe they pay attention to you?

A. How can I know that?

B. I believe in them with all my heart

C. Nah, I don’t think they listen to me much

6. Do they frequently abandon you when something or someone better presents itself?

A. They usually leave me alone

B. I will find better then them 

C. They can't find better than me

7. Do you enjoy spending time with them on a regular basis?

A. I can't even breathe without them

B. If they invite me, I’ll go

C. It's their job

8. After spending time with them, do you feel re-energized?

A. They are like my unique superpower

B. They are eating my soul!

C. Not sure

9. Are they available when you need them?

A. They have never left my side

B. They always have a job

C. It depends

10. Do you have a good sense of who they are? (Not just in terms of what they do and like, but also in terms of who they are as a person.)

A. I know what they want with their one sight

B. They can be confusing sometimes

C. I have never understood what they want

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