What Role Do You Play in Your Family Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 205
 What Role Do You Play in Your Family Quiz?
Every family member within a family unit falls into a certain role at some point growing up and it happens for many different reasons. Some roles could be unhealthy roles based on trauma or unhealthy relationships within the family that affect the way family members communicate with one another. Other roles are healthy roles that just fall in line with birth order, personality traits, etc. Unfortunately, this happens so subconsciously within a family that you don’t get to choose which role you are and most times people don’t even realize it until they are much older, if at all, that they have this specific role within their family. Do you know what role do you play in your family? Take this quiz and reveal what role you have.

Questions Excerpt

1. When conflict arises in your family, what do you typically do?

A. Fade into the background and let everyone else fight it out

B. Resolve it as quickly as possible

C. Be as loud as I can until I get my point across

D. Be somewhat of a mediator and try to explain all perspectives

2. How do you think your family would categorize you?

A. The troublemaker

B. The funny one

C. The positive and supportive one

D. The quiet and reserved one

3. Do you often find yourself getting into trouble or conflicts at home, at school and/or in the community?

A. No, I am typically the one trying to prevent others from getting into trouble

B. Yes, I tend to be somewhat of a troublemaker

C. No, never

D. No, I am the one trying to fix things after someone else gets in trouble

4. Growing up, what was your household composition?

A. Married parents and siblings

B. One parent and siblings

C. Going back and forth with my siblings between parents houses

D. It was always different and changed many times with parents and other family members

5. Did anyone in your family struggle with addiction?

A. Not in my immediate family, but my extended family

B. Yes, more than one person

C. I struggle with it myself

D. One of my parents did

6. How do you feel about resolving conflict?

A. I like to try to analyze all sides of the issue in order to resolve it

B. I would rather resolve it as quickly as possible

C. I avoid conflict at all costs

D. I would rather just forget about it and move on

7. Do you ever feel like there is pressure on you to always be the one fixing everything within your family?

A. No

B. Yes, all of the time

C. Sometimes, but not always

D. No, I often feel like I am the one causing the issues that require fixing

8. Which of these unhealthy traits do you think you are most likely to gravitate towards in a partner (based on past experience)?

A. Someone who is emotionally unavailable

B. Someone who is narcissistic

C. Someone who struggles with addiction or mental health issues

D. Someone who I can’t trust

9. Which word would you use to describe yourself?

A. Strong

B. Resilient

C. Intellectual

D. Compassionate

10. Would you say you had a happy childhood?

A. It was tumultuous at times, but there were definitely happy times

B. Yes, I think so

C. Sometimes, but not always

D. I don’t really remember much about my childhood, but I don’t think it was bad

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