What Does Your Cuddle Style Say About You Quiz

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What Does Your Cuddle Style Say About You Quiz
Your cuddle style says a lot about you. Who would have thought that a seemingly simple hug or closeness could send messages? Relationships can sometimes be complicated as it is and if there is one thing delicate enough to calm and reassure us of our position in their life – it is a cuddle. A cuddle is an expression of care, compassion and adoration. Whether you are hugging your partner, pets, or a sentimental object, cuddles say a lot about what we feel at a particular time. So if you are curious to know what does your cuddle style say about you, take this quiz now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who initiates a cuddle?

A. Me, all the time

B. My partner

C. It can be anyone

D. It doesn’t really matter

2. When in a public place, how do you cuddle?

A. Snuggle close to each other; do not care about people’s opinions

B. Hold hands with fingers intertwined

C. Give a tight squeeze every once in a while

D. Make eye contact and smile

3. What is your best cuddle position at home?

A. Lying on the chest

B. Spooning – I take the bigger spoon position

C. I always have my head on the shoulder

D. Leg tangled with some face to face interaction

4. Does your cuddling come with some extra affection?

A. Light strokes

B. Kisses and pecks

C. A tight hug every once in a while

D. No, a cuddle is just fine

5. How would you describe the perfect cuddle?

A. Intense

B. Grasping for breath

C. Romantic

D. Arousing

6. Would you like to cuddle on the first date?

A. I really do not mind, but I love itrn

B. If they fit my spec, I will give it a tryrn

C. It’s too early, maybe after a couple of datesrn

D. If they want a cuddle, I will oblige.

7. What do you think about your relationship as you cuddle?

A. Just friends

B. Off and on lovers

C. Intimate

D. Engage or married to them

8. What is your favourite activity cuddled up?

A. Watching a romantic movie

B. Enjoying the cozy atmosphere with a mug of coffee or hot & steamy chocolate

C. Listening to a favorite song over the radio

D. Nothing

9. Choose an outdoor activity that describes your cuddle style?

A. Skinny dipping

B. Walking in the meadows

C. Having a picnic

D. exploring the wild

10. What is an appropriate place for a cuddle?

A. I am a happy person – anywhere is just fine

B. I am a reserved person and value my privacy

C. It is okay before close friends and family

D. They need to inform me before a cuddle

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