Signs a guy loves you quiz

10 Questions
Signs a guy loves you quiz
Love can be hard to figure out when the proper communication isn’t open. Ideally, we would all be willing to say what we feel and wouldn’t need to look at signs. However, sometimes you want to make sure.  Are you feeling like you could be in love but nervous to say anything?  Perhaps you are worried that he’s in love, and you are really not feeling it.  The best way is through open communication, but this quiz can help guide you towards that.

Questions Excerpt

1. You have a dream project, and suddenly it seems like there might be a chance to make it reality. How does he react?

A. He doesn’t really care about my dream projects. I’m not sure he knows what it is P3

B. He’s happy for me and tells me to go for it P2

C. He tells me that’s so exciting and asks me what he can do to help P1

2. Does he tell you about all the things throughout his day that remind him of you?

A. Yes, he texts me when he hears a song or sees a little knick-knack P1

B. He has never mentioned anything reminding him of me P3

C. He tells me sometimes that things remind him of me, but not that many things P2    

3. You love this new reality show; the second season is coming out soon. You will watch it. He has never been that into reality TV, what does he do?

A. He watches it with me and at least seems to enjoy it P1

B. He offers to watch it with me but doesn’t seem excited by it, we talk about it some, but not as much as I would like P2

C. He asks me to enjoy the show and heads out P3

4. You are sitting there minding your own business, and suddenly you look at him, he is-

A. Smiling at me almost like he just hadn’t even been thinking about it P1

B. Not looking P3

C. Not looking but then he notices me and smiles and makes a funny face P2

5. He comes back from a weekend trip he brings you-

A. Nothing P3

B. A gift, but it feels a bit general, like does he know me P2

C. A super thoughtful gift that feels very specific to me P1

6. He has plans with his friends tonight, but you take a bad fall and have to go to the ER. What does he do?

A. He comes when I ask if he can help P2

B. He rushes over to take me to the ER. P1

C. He goes out with his friends, and I get a friend to come with me P3

7. While you are talking, he is-

A. Listening to every word, he turns off whatever he has on P1

B. Listening to music in one ear of his headphone P3

C. Listening though he seems a bit distracted P2

8. How much does he mention you to his friends and family?

A. They definitely know I exist, but I don’t think he brings me up much P2

B. I don’t think his family knows who I am P3

C. He talks about me all the time P1

9. You are out with him, and someone says something that really messes with your head, does he notice?

A. He’s not even really around me, off laughing with his boys P3

B. He notices immediately and touches my arm to comfort me, and he helps me get out of the situation and talks to me ASAP P1

C. He doesn’t notice immediately, but he realizes and asks me about it later as it goes on.  P2

10. He’s having a hard day, who does he call?

A. Me, for sure P1

B. I don’t know P3

C. Sometimes he calls me, depends about what P2

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