Jada Pinkett And Will Smith's Life Trivia Quiz

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10 Questions | Updated: May 27, 2024
Jada Pinkett and Will Smith's Life Trivia Quiz

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are among Hollywood's most intriguing couples, celebrated both for their individual talents and their dynamic together. Their relationship has been in the spotlight for decades, showcasing both challenges and triumphs. 

How well do you know the ins and outs of Jada and Will's life together, from their early days to their major life events and unique family dynamics? Put your knowledge to the test with this trivia quiz about one of entertainment's most watched couples. Discover interesting facts and delve deeper into their lives with these engaging questions.

Questions Excerpt

1. How did Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith first meet?

A. At a movie premiere

B. On the set of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

C. At a music concert

D. In college

2. In what year did Jada and Will get married?

A. 1994

B. 1997

C. 2000

D. 2002

3. Which of these films featured Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith acting together?

A. Men in Black

B. Ali

C. Set It Off

D. None of the above

4. What is the name of Jada and Will's first child?

A. Willow

B. Jaden

C. Trey

D. Smith Jr.

5. Jada and Will founded a school in California. What was its name?

A. New Village Leadership Academy

B. Smith Family School of the Arts

C. California Academy of Stars

D. Bel-Air Prep

6. Which talk show does Jada host that discusses personal and family issues?

A. The Jada Pinkett Show

B. Pinkett Talks

C. Red Table Talk

D. The Smith Table

7. Will Smith won his first Grammy in what category?

A. Best Rap Performance

B. Best New Artist

C. Best R&B Album

D. Best Music Video

8. Which social issue has Jada openly supported through her foundation?

A. Animal rights

B. Education for underprivileged children

C. Human trafficking

D. Climate change

9. In which year did Jada Pinkett Smith make her directorial debut?

A. 2008

B. 2011

C. 2015

D. 2017

10. Will Smith starred in a film with his son Jaden. What is the movie called?

A. Independence Day

B. The Pursuit of Happiness

C. I am Legend

D. After Earth

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