Is There a Workplace Romance Stirring for You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 590
Is There a Workplace Romance Stirring for You?

Questions Excerpt

1. In the breakroom, you run into your coworker. When they see you, they:

A. Blush and smile brightly at you

B. Hide a shy smile

C. Strike up a conversation

2. By the water cooler, you overhear your coworker confessing their crush on someone in the office. The person they describe:

A. Sounds exactly like you

B. Could possibly be you

C. Sounds nothing like you

3. You and your coworker go out for coffee. As you leave, your coworker:

A. Leans in to kiss you

B. Asks you to get coffee again sometime

C. Smiles and waves goodbye

4. When you see your coworker around the office, do they:

A. Often approach you to talk

B. Smile from across the room

C. Only talk to you when you approach them first

5. Your boss assigns you and your coworker to work together on a project. When they get this news, does your coworker:

A. Celebrate in front of everyone

B. Smile quietly

C. Groan jokingly

6. When your coworker walks by your cubicle, do they:

A. Touch your arm as they say hello

B. Give you a small wave and smile

C. Nod in your direction

7. It’s Valentine’s Day at the office. Does your coworker:

A. Give you a special Valentine gift

B. Give everyone in the office a Valentine gift, including you (but includes a personal note in yours)

C. Set a bowl of candy on their desk for everyone to partake in

8. On your birthday, does your coworker:

A. Pull you aside privately to give you a gift

B. Remember to say “Happy birthday!” before anyone else mentions it

C. Sing along cheerfully when the office recites the song

9. At the office holiday party, does your coworker:

A. Shyly invite you to dance with them

B. Bring you a cup of punch and ask to chat

C. Smile at you from across the room

10. Every time you crack a joke, your coworker:

A. Winks at you

B. Laughs extra loudly

C. Slaps their knee sarcastically

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