Is My Husband Hiding Something?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 270
Is My Husband Hiding Something?
Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that your husband was hiding something from you? If your intuition is telling you that your husband is being less than forthcoming, it may be time to figure out exactly what he’s trying to conceal. Has your husband been acting secretive, on-edge, or tense around you? Have you found other evidence that would lead you to believe he’s being dishonest? Take this Is My Husband Hiding Something quiz to find out if your husband is going to great lengths to hide something from you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you know your husband’s passwords to his phone, e-mail, and social media accounts?

A. Yes, I keep track of everything

B. No, he would never give me his passwords

C. I don’t feel the need to have his passwords, I trust him

2. How often does your husband make excuses that don’t add up?

A.  All the time

B. He does this sometimes

C. My husband never makes excuses 

3. Does your husband ever stay out for longer than he says?

A. No, he always comes home at a reasonable time

B. He constantly goes out without telling me where he is

C. He does do this on occasion

4. Do you just have a gut instinct that your husband isn’t being fully truthful to you?

A. I do feel like he is lying to me sometimes

B. I always feel like he isn’t being honest with me

C. I never feel like my husband is being dishonest

5. Have you ever found a suspicious item like a dinner receipt or an item of clothing that didn’t belong to you?

A. Yes, I have found things that make me suspicious

B. No way, I’ve never come across anything like that

C. I did find something strange once, but I brushed it off 

6. Does your husband have a history of being shady and secretive?

A. Yes, he has been known to act that way

B. He can occasionally be shady 

C. He has never given me any reason to suspect anything

7. Does your husband act jittery or uneasy when he’s around you?

A. No, he never has behaved that way

B. He does act like that towards me sometimes

C. My husband always acts like that around me

8. When you question your husband about something, how does he respond?

A. He gets very angry and defensive

B. He gets annoyed, but he tries to talk it out

C. He’s calm and unbothered

9. Has the level of intimacy between you and your husband changed or seemed “off”?

A. Yes, we are way less intimate than usual

B. No, the intimacy has been consistent

C. It has moments where it’s good and suddenly not good

10. Do you feel like your husband is fully committed to your marriage?

A. Yes, I do

B. No, I do not

C. Sometimes, I have my doubts

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