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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 14 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 How to Approach A Guy Quiz?
The choleric personality is a goal-getter. Such persons are ambitious and are action-oriented. They see something they like, and they go for it. Nothing is ever a Herculean task for them. Such is the trait of the choleric woman. She sees a guy she likes and isn't one bit hesitant to approach him. Are you one of such ladies? Come with me, let's learn a few tricks on how to approach a guy you like.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you attract the attention of a guy you like?

A. You smile at him

B. You walk to and from around where he's seated

C. You create a scene

2. What do you find most attractive about a guy?

A. How he smells

B. His looks 

C. His haircuts

3. What trait makes you disinterested in a guy?

A. Overconfidence

B. Humility

C. Friendliness

4. How are you likely to respond to a guy you like but belittles you?

A. Tell him a piece of mind

B. Stay away from him

C. Tell him to stay away from you

5. What is the likely gift you will buy for the guy you like?

A. Cologne

B. Groceries

C. Flowers

6. How do you react to rejection from a guy you like?

A. You forget about him

B. You feel terribly hurt

C. You avoid his path

7. After you approach a guy you like, what will be your next move?

A. Follow him to his house

B. Collect his contacts

C. Insist he follows you to your house

8. Which of these wouldn't you do on your first date?

A. Being late for the date

B. Paying the bill

C. Being on your phone throughout the date

9. What possibly could a guy you like do to piss you off on the first date

A. Stand you up

B. Plead with you to split the bill

C. Crack jokes that you don't find funny

10. How will you prefer your first date?

A. A movie night

B. A jogging session

C. Watching a football match together at a stadium

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