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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 228 | Updated: Apr 29, 2022
How Long Should I Do No Contact Quiz

If you’re curious about wanting to know how long after a breakup you should establish contact with your ex partner, this ‘ how long should I do no contact quiz’ is practically the ideal assessment to satisfy your curiosity. 

You probably did break up with them and hoping to never get back with them or you’re under the assumption of getting them back to rekindle old flames. Whatever the reason could be, this How Long Should I Do No Contact Quiz will help you execute the no contact rule to fit your desired expectations.

Questions Excerpt

1. How desperate are you to get back to your partner?

A. As early as possible

B. I may want to but not now

C. Never going back

2. How badly did things end between you two?

A. It was just bad

B. It was worse

C. It was terrible

3. How deeply were you two in love?

A. It was a mere one

B. We loved each other to an extent

C. There was no boundary to our love

4. How will you describe your relationship?

A. My relationship was a stint

B. We were courting

C. We were engaged

5. How often did you go on a date with your partner?

A. A couple of times

B. A few times

C. Many times

6. ow long did you stay as partners?

A. Briefly

B. Long enough

C. For over a decade

7. What are the chances of reuniting with your lost partner?

A. Pretty large

B. It doesn’t look encouraging

C. My ex has moved on

8. Are you looking forward to rekindling your love with your ex?

A. Yes

B. It’s a long shot

C. Not possible

9. Your ex isn’t coming back, what do you do?

A. I will Whine about it for a while

B. I Will feel a tad painful

C. I will feel terrible about it

10. What no contact rule fits your situation best?

A. A short term situationship

B. Mine was a mid term relationship

C. The long term no contact rule applies to me more

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