Am I a Good Lover Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 505
Am I a Good Lover Quiz
How do you know if you are a good lover? What exactly makes up a good lover? Are you able to satisfy your partner's needs? These are all questions that come up frequently whether you are in a relationship, looking for a relationship, or trying to figure out what went wrong in relationships. Everyone wants to be sure they are able to satisfy their partner and be a good lover, but in order to do that, it actually requires more than just sexual activities. Physical, sexual acts are not exactly the only qualities of a good lover, but emotional intimacy and other forms of affection can actually be the key to being a good lover. So, are you a good lover? Take this quiz today to determine if you are a good lover.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you emotionally connected during sex and willing to allow yourself to be vulnerable?

A. I don’t really know

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

2. Are you open to trying new things and being adventurous in the bedroom?

A. It depends. I am not really into being adventurous in the bedroom

B. Most of the time, but there are certain things I won’t try

C. Yes, I like to keep things fresh and interesting so it is not always the same

3. Do you feel like you make your partner feel sexy?

A. No/I am not sure

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

4. Are you fully present in the moment when you are having sex with your partner and allow yourself to relax and let go fully in the moment?

A. I am not sure/I don’t really let myself go

B. Sometimes, but it is hard sometimes when I am doing it because I feel obligated

C. Yes

5. Are you supportive and non-judgmental to your partner when it comes to their sexual desires and performance?

A. I have made negative comments in the past or been judgmental when I shouldn’t have

B. I think so, but my partner has not really talked about or done anything out of the ordinary or anything for me to judge

C. Yes, I think so

6. Do you make sure to always set aside time for sex in your relationship?

A. Not really. We are frequently just too busy, and when we do have alone time, I am too tired or not in the mood.

B. Sometimes, but not always

C. Yes, we do

7. Do you have fun when you are being intimate with your partner?

A. I don’t know; it is just sex

B. I am sure my partner has fun. I aim to please

C. Yes, we are very playful and passionate about sex

8. Do you enjoy giving pleasure as much as you enjoy receiving it?

A. I would prefer receiving it, but that rarely happens

B. Sometimes, but I would rather give pleasure than worry about my own pleasure

C. Yes, definitely

9. Do you and your partner open up to each other and communicate your sexual needs openly?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

10. Are you confident in your lovemaking abilities?

A. Not really

B. Most of the time

C. Yes

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