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Valeria Tari,  Healing Therapist in Hove,


I summoned the hope and waited, trusting that someone would solve my problems for me. After being in pain for many long years, I awoke one day and said to myself, “ENOUGH! This is no good, and it can’t continue this way. I must do something, I must do something differently, because it isn’t working this way, and it isn’t good.” I heard my own cry for help. I began to immerse myself in my thoughts, seeking the answer to my questions. I began examining myself, my life, my fate, my opportunities, and men. I wanted to change. I consciously concentrated on what was happening to me and why it was happening. I sought out the company of men and talked to hundreds of them, so I could understand them and how they worked. I got to know many of them and read tons about them – books written by men about themselves. I attended self-awareness courses, continuously working on myself, and I developed. Then, I read more, attended more courses, and spoke to more men – until I finally understand my own inner workings and those of men.
I have been living a conscious life for fifteen years. I’ve learned several methods of self-awareness. I began to work on myself and confront myself, and that is when I came to see the ingrained patterns that defined and motivated me. The patterns I had learned did not allow me to be my true self, and they prevented me from achieving the happiness I desired. When I grew closer to my true nature – alongside further self-development – I started to hold therapy sessions, and eventually, I taught as well. Thousands of realizations, thousands of revelations – honestly, we are talking about numbers that big – after plenty of pain, loads of bitterness, and countless “A-HA” moments, I am finally my true self. I can do what I must do and be who I must be. I am a happy woman living in balance, harmony, and a joyous relationship. I have reached my goal. I arrived.
The many revelations, ingrained behaviors, courses, books, and conversations made me understand what it takes for a romantic relationship to work well. I learned how men work and what I had to do so we could work well together. Now I know the mistakes I made, when, and how. I also learned how to act well and properly.
I want to make it possible for everyone to take possession of the secrets because my heart’s desire is happiness for all Humanity. I want more and more women to be able to put these revelations to use, to turn these secrets to their advantage. It would be good for as many women as possible to know them because they work and can lead to success. I would like every woman to experience what I do now. Happiness! GRATITUDE!

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed
  • License State: Central Hungarian
  • License Number: P81 A090669, received

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