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Heather Nichols, LCSW
Social Worker

Heather Nichols, LCSW, Social Workerin Fresno, CA


Heather Nichols, MSW, is a Joy of Business facilitator, movement & meditation consultant, tantra practitioner and somatic psychotherapist. She combines her expertise in mind-body therapy with 20 years’ experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship to facilitate people toward a fuller, more joyful, experience of business, life and family. An Access Consciousness® facilitator, healer, and mom, Heather has been running a weekly radio show for more than 6 years. She also facilitates workshops and private consultations online and around the world. She refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer from life and brings to her work a fierce commitment to create joy, ease, and wealth on the planet – in every aspect. Follow Heather.

My Articles

Achieving Work Life Balance for a Healthy Relationship

Achieving Work Life Balance for a Healthy Relationship

There is so much talk about work and life balance, and yet balance is very short lived constantly requiring us to be course correcting in one direction ...

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