Best Marriage Advice for Entrepreneurs: Is Being Married Good for Business?

Is Being Married Good for Business

They say that divorce rates are highest among entrepreneurs…

Is that true?

And if so, how can you avoid a divorce by being a good spouse while still having time to grow your business?

In this article you will learn about some of the best marriage advice for entrepreneurs.

What can you do to avoid being busy all day long?

Being married to an entrepreneur can at times feel like you come second and the business always comes first.

As an entrepreneur you will need to make time to invest in your relationship. Just like in business you might want to work on long-term goals in your relationship. Everything that grows needs attention, that’s how it is in business and in love. You will both need to be dedicated and willing to make sacrifices.

If you want your relationship to survive the stress of entrepreneurship, it is best to envision – with your partner – where you will be five to ten years from now. Then it becomes easy: just do everything in your power to work towards that goal.

Being an entrepreneur you might feel busy and rushed all day long. Despite that feeling of being stressed it is best to schedule time off so that you can spend some quality time with your spouse. You might want to create some habits to ensure you will not be constantly thinking about your business while spending time with your spouse. One such habit can be to never check e-mail when you are with your spouse and to turn e-mail notifications off – or even switch your phone to airplane mode.

How to avoid work-related stress?

Work-related stress is very common amongst entrepreneurs. But guess what, there is more in the world then your business.

Being busy with your business and talking about it constantly might be exciting for your, but not so much for your partner. Make sure you have other interests to talk about together. Make sure you do things that the both of you enjoy.

Sharing your concerns or struggles as an entrepreneur can be very liberating, but perhaps your spouse is not the best person to take your problems to. Sometimes a like-minded entrepreneur can better relate to your problems. In this way you won’t have to bother your spouse with business-related talk yet again. This also helps to make sure that every minute you spend with your spouse is filled with positive topics.

To further avoid stress it is a good thing to be aware of your limitations and expectations. Many entrepreneurs ‘suffer’ from hypomania and are really enthusiastic and optimistic. Which is of course a great thing, but sometimes this high energy can leave you or your partner feeling exhausted or drained when things do not work out as you intended. It’s important to be realistic and keep a close watch on all the things that you say “yes” to. Your time and energy are limited. Spend them wisely.

Tony Robbins says stress is the achiever word for fear. Failure is always a possibility with start-ups. Nevertheless it won’t hurt your business if you have  good night’s sleep once in a while, or prioritize your partner in the weekends. You might experience these things actually refresh and recharge you, so that you have more grit to work on your business.

Is dedication a bad thing?

Dedication can be both a blessing and a curse.

At first your partner might be amazed and impressed about your amount of stamina and dedication. You are so passionate about your business that you just keep on going. But sooner or later that same dedication might put a gap between the two of you. Do your partner a favor and acknowledge how important time with your family is. In the end achievement without fulfillment is a hollow victory. You will need both your family and your business to feel truly successful.

Emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship

Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming for any entrepreneur. The stress and pressure of trying to make it can be a heavy burden. Sometimes it can feel like it is you against the world. The support of your spouse is priceless in these situations. Be aware however, that your spouse has his or her own problems as well, so unwavering support is not always available.

How to deal with your partner’s different background?

Chances are that your partner is not an entrepreneur. So does he or she understand how you feel about working as an entrepreneur?

It’s not just a job, it might feel like it is what you are meant to do. For some spouses this creates some sort of jealousy: they want to be the only number one priority. Unfortunately, for many business owners the business will – almost – be equally important as the relationship.

Mutual understanding works wonders here. If you understand your partner and he or she understand you, then you are well on your way to a long lasting relationship.

Successful business owner, lousy lover?

Being a successful entrepreneur and a great spouse are not mutually exclusive. You can be both. The tricky part is striking the right balance. You will want  to invest time in your spouse, while also having enough time and energy to dedicate towards your business.

Back when you married you agreed that it was for better or worse. So no matter how stressful or hectic your lives will be, make sure you are supportive of each other. Being married to an entrepreneur is sure to be exciting. Just enjoy the ride and value each other.  

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