Improve and Enrich Your Relationship

Improve and Enrich Your Relationship

Are you feeling tired and frustrated by the same relationship issues that may have come up throughout your marriage? Do you feel disconnected from your spouse or relationship partner and yourself, leaving you feeling lost and alone? Perhaps you’re growing older and not experiencing the fulfillment you once had in your relationship. These circumstances can cause you to lose the motivation for living.

Maybe you feel you’re in the wrong marriage and don’t know how to make sense of the conflicting thoughts in your head. Perhaps the reasons you married don’t apply anymore and everything about how you dreamed it would be has left you in a state of confusion and disillusion.

An expert therapist can help you to understand what you’re feeling, what your needs are and how to navigate through the difficulties of life. Without emotional tools, you can feel out of control, hopeless and unsuccessful in the most important aspect of your life, your marriage or significant relationship.

Communication can be hard at times

You may feel pressured by society’s strong messages that you have to keep up with the Jones’s next door or always having to put on a happy face in front of others. It may be difficult to communicate your deepest pain or confusion to your loved one. In truth, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and your marriage status does not have to determine how you feel as an individual. I can help you develop greater self-worth and learn how to navigate through a marriage or relationship that honors you and your spouse or partner.

You may feel as though you’re stuck repeating similar relationship patterns time and again. If so, that can be a clue into how to heal the pain and frustration you may be experiencing.

Many times our problems in life stem from our earliest memories. By observing the behavior of our parents or caregivers, we learn how to act in relationships. Some are fortunate to model after healthy, calm environments and others learn that chaos and struggle are a natural part of being in relationship. What is familiar is generally what is repeated.

How many times have you heard about an abused child that grows up to be the victim of an abusive partner or be the abuser in the relationship? There can be a feeling of being trapped and people in your life continue to betray you. Perhaps your caregivers didn’t talk about feelings, leaving you feeling unacknowledged or not heard by your spouse or lover. You may believe the story that was created when you were young and over time, these stories have become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Improve and Enrich Your Relationship

There is hope and help for you

There is hope for anyone who desires to overcome the difficult aspects of marriage or relationship. It is possible to create a new relationship with yourself and your spouse or partner. From my years of training and experience, I’ve witnessed how clients move from victim to victor, from being stuck in relationship to gaining the tools and personal insights needed to be fulfilled in their marriage and lives. My approach is helping clients heal from the inside out. When you heal the past, you can shift your perception and find resolve. I facilitate change in a non-judgmental, compassionate environment. I honor your process and teach you how to honor yourself, stand up for yourself and create healthy boundaries that lead to a more empowered, loving future.

I can help you:

  1. Develop ways to stay true to yourself and your values in your marriage and every relationship in your life.
  2. Move from reactivity to intelligent, conscious response so you can communicate more effectively with your spouse and in all your important relationships.
  3. Release and transform the fear, guilt and shame that can keep you from living the life you dream of.

I use a number of supportive mind/body techniques that can help you resolve your issues from a cellular level. Neuroscience has proven that there is a well established system of communication between the body and mind. By sending positive messages to the brain, you can create new neuropathways that change the way you think about yourself and your relationships. The conscious mind is useful in things like making decisions and the emotional body is useful in things like finding the answers to your problems. The work I do is to help you to move through the stuck energy held in the body, so new realizations and positive choices can be accessed.

The Breathwork technique

One technique I have developed that can be helpful is a process called breathwork. My proprietary blend is called Soul Centered Breathwork and is a rediscovery of ancient eastern practices that open doors to non-ordinary states of consciousness. The root word for breath is ‘spirit’. The breath energizes the psyche, activating our inner healer and wisdom. In a breath session, I combine Gestalt Therapy with breathwork and guide you through a journey to reveal your natural state of wholeness, resourcefulness and creativity that can bring resolution to the challenges in relationship and life.

Knowing your true worth is the most important relationship of all and living from your authentic self, a new life can emerge and all the fears of the unknown can increase the possibilities for the unfolding of trust and true intimacy (into-me-see).

Nancy is an experienced registered psychotherapist. She works with various modalities which include individual counseling, spiritual group teachings and a soul-centered breath technique. She helps people to build their emotional intelligence and gain spiritual experience and self- empowerment. She has a Psychology degree from DePaul University in Chicago, IL and got her training in Gestalt Therapy from the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute in Boulder CO.