Marriage Licenses

Marriage-LicenceA marriage license is a document that is often required when two individuals intend to get married (not to be confused with a marriage certificate which is a document filed after being married). Whether or not it is required will depend upon the jurisdiction in which the marriage will happen as well as they type of marriage (e.g., same-sex, domestic partnership, common-law, etc.).


The requirements for obtaining a marriage license will also vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but usually share the following requirements. Here’s how you can get a marriage license:


  • Both parties have to be of legal age to marry (unless the state permits underage individuals to marry with the parents’ consent).

  • The ability to provide documentation to prove the identity of the parties intending to marry (e.g., birth certificate, passport, drivers’ license, etc.).

  • Both parties must not be married to anyone else. If you have been previously married, you may be required to provide proof of the divorce.

  • Both parties must have sufficient mental capacity. In many cases, simply applying for and attesting will satisfy this requirement.

 If you plan the above in advance, getting the marriage license won’t be a difficult task.

Obtaining a Marriage License

Where you obtain the marriage license will vary from state to state. Most often, the parties will apply for their …
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