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Conflicts can be resolved without a hitch if both sides are willing to communicate

Why Is Blended Family Counseling Important?   

A blended family is where both the spouses have children from a previous marriage. When a remarriage creates a blended …

4  min read

Mutually loved children shock them

What Are the Major Problems Faced by Blended Families?

With the drastic increase in divorce and remarriage in the recent years, the number of blended families has increased as …

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5 of the Biggest Blended Family Challenges  

5 of the Biggest Blended Family Challenges  

Blended families are described as a family that consists of an adult couple who have children from a previous relationship …

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Good Advice for Family Problems to Navigate Critical Waters

Good Advice for Family Problems to Navigate Critical Waters

All families go through times where problems crop up and have an effect on the familial unit.   This is …

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Resolving Conflicts In Blended Families Without Waging a War

The Blended Family: Tips to Make It Work

Second, third, and more marriages are part of life in this country. Alesha Thomas of Business Innovators Magazine shows us …

By Barbara Peters

Counseling, LPC| 3  min read

Marriage means shaping a new generation

Creating a Safe Practice Space for Kids With Your Spouse

It surprises me and my spouse sometimes to see the impact we have on our kids as parents. There are …

By Steffan Surdek

Life coach, Author, Professional Speaker| 3  min read

Divorce is challenging

When Should You Seek Family-Law Advice?

When dealing with a family law situation, you are bound to look for legal help and family law advice. These …

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Need Advice on Family Problems? Your Go to Advice Here

It is normal to experience problems and issues in personal relationships. All families go through conflicts and difficult times. These …

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When Problems Are Part of the Family Dynamic

When Problems Are Part of the Family Dynamic

When we marry and start a family, we like to think that everything will be smooth and easy.  We will …

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When Problems Are Part of the Family Dynamic

7 Tips for Nurturing Family Relationships in Foster Care

The choice to become foster parents is an amazing commitment for a marriage and a family. In addition to being …

By Julie Blackburn

Counselor, LCPC, NCC, ATR| 6  min read

When Addiction Hits Your Family

When Addiction Hits Your Family: Top 3 Ways to Fight Back

When addiction invades a family, it doesn’t politely knock on the front door and ask to come in. It comes …

By Kimberly Velez

Mental Health Counselor, LMHC| 3  min read

Suggestions For Successfully Blending Families

“Blend, blend, blend”. This is what the gal said to me who was doing my makeover. She had dotted foundation …

By Lesley Goth

PsyD| 7  min read

Understanding The Internal Family Systems Model & Our Inner Parts

The Case of the Less Than Illuminated Lovers “Hey, Honey, the lightbulb in here just blew out, can you grab …

By Holly Grimm

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSW, LCSW| 5  min read

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