Online Marriage Counseling – Tool or Dead End?

online marriage cousneling-tool or dead end

Let’s face it; we are busy and breathless every day. With the relentless demands of school, work, intimate relationships, family obligations and the like clamoring for our immediate and undivided attention, we find ourselves constantly running from one responsibility to another.


While we are well-equipped to handle the rigors of the daily grind, the wheels can come off if we add marital strife to our line of concerns. We may even need a counselor to intervene in the sudden or recurring malaise, but where do we find the time and the energy to engage in meaningful counseling?  Given the time crunch, many have turned to online marriage counseling. But does it work?


The truth about online marriage counseling

Outfits geared to deliver their services via the internet are typically profit mills and nothing more. Often asking for a credit card number before the first “conversation” with a digital provider, come online entities do not generally engage in a thorough intake procedure to learn about family history, marital history, and the like.


Asking something akin to “What seems to be the problem today?” online options are prepared to offer clients rote responses based on the keywords that are offered in response to the original query. Unable to engage in virtual conversations with practitioners, many clients become very frustrated in the process before the first payment draft hits the old checking account. Frustrating indeed.


An alternative to online counseling

If your time is limited and your financial health is fluttering, online “group therapy” is a triage-level alternative to brick and mortar counseling. By group therapy, I am referring to online communities that provide support to others dealing with infidelity, addiction, and other marriage-specific crises. Sometimes, these online groups have moderators with backgrounds in helping professions. As needed, these credentialed moderators may interject helpful opinions and research gleanings into the conversation for the benefit of all. This is a win-win scenario.


The benefits of a moderated group dialogue in setting that fits the client’s schedule is an unbeatable combination. Whatever the issue you face, do not delay in getting support. If you have the time and resources, nothing beats face-to-face conversation with a trusted therapist.