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Premarital and Marriage Workshops

Premarital And Marriage Workshops

Learn about Mary Kay Cocharo's two exciting workshops: one for engaged couples wanting to Start Right and Stay Connected; the other for couples who've...
Posted by: Mary Kay Cocharo
More Communication May NOT Be What Your Relationship Needs

More Communication May NOT Be What Your Relationship Needs

Trish Alderman talks about why MORE communication isn't necessarily a good thing in your relationship, how quality matters more than quantity, and...
Posted by: Trish Alderman
Taking care of yourself

Taking Care Of Yourself

Loving and taking care of yourself can actually benefit your relationship! It takes two healthy partners to make a relationship thrive...Do not think of...
Posted by: Christine Wilke
Making time for your marriage

Making Time For Your Marriage

"Everyone's busy; our days are properly scheduled and blocked with a number of tasks we all need to achieve by the end of the day. How then do...
Posted by: Christine Wilke
Small changes can make a big difference in your marriage

Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference In Your Marriage

Making small changes and adjustments can bring about a huge difference in your relationship. Watch our expert, Christine Wilke discuss this point and learn...
Posted by: Christine Wilke
Yelling never helps in any relationship

Yelling Never Helps In Any Relationship

Regardless of whether it is your spouse or your children, stop and think before you are tempted to yell at anyone, about anything. Take your time, cool...
Posted by: Raffi Bilek
Sometimes just listen to your partner

Sometimes Just Listen To Your Partner

Women are expressive and feel good when they share their problem with their partners. However sharing does not mean that they are seeking for a solution....
Posted by: Raffi Bilek
Avoid 'Kitchen Sinking' During Relationship Conflicts

Avoid 'Kitchen Sinking' During Relationship Conflicts

Most couples when they get into an argument; instead of solving the problem, they often try to "win" over. They dig out old issues of conflicts,...
Posted by: Raffi Bilek
Could I have made this mistake in my marriage?

Could I Have Made This Mistake In My Marriage?

When your partner commits a minor error like spilling coffee on the table or misplacing keys or bills, don't get mad. Everybody makes mistakes and...
Posted by: Raffi Bilek
When your spouse makes a mistake - what do you do?

When Your Spouse Makes A Mistake - What Do You Do?

What should you do when your partner makes a mistake that you would never make? Say, your partner forgets to keep their plates on the sink that you could...
Posted by: Raffi Bilek
Say thank you often in your marriage

Say Thank You Often In Your Marriage

Common belief is that the word 'Thank You' is unnecessary in close relationships. However this is far from the truth. This word is essential for...
Posted by: Raffi Bilek
Keeping scores is unhealthy for a relationship

Keeping Scores Is Unhealthy For A Relationship

Marriage is not a competition and keeping scores is certainly not good for a relationship. Don't count the number of times each partner does a chore....
Posted by: Raffi Bilek


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