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Sex Therapists in Minneapolis, MN

Choosing the right sex Therapist in Minneapolis is not easy. But now you can easily scan online for the ideal therapist to look for some of the best sex Counseling in Minneapolis online and successfully fight your relationship issues or work towards improving your mental well-being.

Found 8 Therapists in Minneapolis
Kori Hennessy, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Kori Hennessy, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Kori Hennessy is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Resilient Intimacy in Minneapolis, MN. Kori supports couples, families
map 3754 Pleasant Avenue 424W, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55409

Articles by Kori Hennessy

Helpful Tips Loving Someone with Chronic Mental Health Concerns

Helpful Tips Loving Someone with Chronic Mental Health Concerns

Marriage vows often include the phrase, for better or for worse. If your partner is struggling with chronic...
Preparing Your Marriage For Retirement

Preparing Your Marriage For Retirement

Approaching retirement is a major milestone. It doesn t just mark the end of a particular career, but...
Mathew S. Meyers, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Mathew S. Meyers, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Mathew is passionate about relationships and has a desire to help couples redesign their relationship so it suits both partners, improve communication and
map 9800 Shelard Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55441
Renee Segal, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Renee Segal, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

We help people in relationships (individuals, couples, family members) who have been negatively impacted by affairs, addictions, betrayal, communication issues
map 13911 Ridgedale Drive #335, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55305

Articles by Renee Segal

How to Recover From an Affair and Establish a Deeper Connection

How to Recover From an Affair and Establish a Deeper Connection

As a therapist that works with affair couples, I can say with certainty that couples that choose to work...
Erin Shobe, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Erin Shobe, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, EMDR Certified, Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Counselor &
map 140 W 98th St Ste 105, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55420
Jennifer Stoos, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Jennifer Stoos, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Ready to transform your relationship?  I'd love to hear your story and help you take the next steps.  I specialize in working with couples and helping
map 3209 W 76th St #304, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55435
Timothy Kuss, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Timothy Kuss, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

I practice Adlerian and integrated therapy, using the approach best suited to the situation.  I believe that a couple needs to work as a team to resolve
map 6831 7th St NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55432
Callie Papa, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Callie Papa, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

You don't have to feel stuck in life and in relationships - You deserve relationships that feel good! You find yourself struggling to be your authentic self in
map 15612 Highway 7, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55345
Jeana Wescott, MDiv, MA, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist Minneapolis,

Jeana Wescott, MDiv, MA, LMFT, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

I work with couples on recovering from infidelity or affairs in their marriage or relationship, repair past hurts, learn communication and conflict skills, resolve
map 8085 Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55426