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Samar Haroon
Marriage & Family Therapist Associate | Verified Marriage & Family Therapist Associate Claimed

Samar Haroon, Marriage & Family Therapist Associate in Moreno Valley, CA


My extensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy enable clients’ to recognize and value their self-worth. My belief is that the basis for a good therapeutic relationship lies in collaboration, consideration and self discovery which is an indispensable component of the work.
Honing into the what you feel, need, and want, while trying to determine what is important to you can become a complex challenge. I take into account your experiences from the past, and bridge together your present to understand and reconcile the conflict. Together we discover what it is that you define as essential in your life.
I work with people stuck in transitions and experiencing life changes, which might manifest into anxiety, depression, anger, grief or relationship difficulties. Together we can create a space for you to process your thoughts, and understand who you are. I work with adults, teenagers, inter-racial couples, students and immigrants. If you feel like an outsiders in society or are struggling to find your place, we will work together to find your way of expression and a comfortable place in life.
Interracial and Cultural Couples
Being in an interracial or intercultural relationship adds its own layer of obstacles and difficulties. You might notice that your experiences through the world differ, or that your expectations of your partner are based on your own cultural norms. These differences may raise questions such as if you’re compatible, if your partner can empathize with you, and to what degree you’ll have to assimilate into your partner’s culture. In addition, the stress of prejudice and discrimination can strain your relationship and feel invalidating.
Whether the stressors in your relationship are external or internal, my extensive experience working with couples that have faced similar obstacles, can help you navigate the intricacies that come from being in an inter-cultural relationship.
Identity in Phases of life
Your life is ever-changing and can often become challenging endeavor. Adjusting to something new, even if it’s good, can come with its own set of trials; commonly stress, anxiety and fatigue. You will experiences many phases in your life where you might be forced to cope, adjust, change and grow, in instances like but not limited to moving, ending a relationship, or even starting a new job. These circumstances that bring about more stress might also surface feeling of loneliness, disable, and confusion.
In other words, unanticipated changes, when aided with proper support wanted might still produce some beneficial outcome and help you be better prepared for what comes next in life.
These difficult changes, will challenge your personal growth, and I will be here to work with you you in understanding your experience and help navigate the change with you.
Immigrants and Children of immigrants
Being a first or second-generation immigrant, you have the unique experience of living life through the lens of multiple cultures: the culture you might be born into and your ever-evolving one. When you find yourself in a new country or environment, it’s common to experience confusion or feel like you don’t belong.
Merging your ethnic identity with the American identity can be fraught with issues. Do you have feelings of guilt, that in assimilating you’re giving up parts of your own identity? That you might be turning your back on your culture? Do you silence yourself in order to preserve your relationships? Maybe even feel your opinions aren’t taken seriously because of your background? Also feeling confused on how to navigate your space due to your immigration status and struggling to find your place?
It’s easier to remain in your community than it is to challenge a history of cultural norms. In addition to the internal conflict, you also risk being ostracized by your family and community. Branching out while maintaining a connection to your culture can feel impossible. I will work with you through a culturally-competent and culturally-affirming lens to help you thrive. We’ll focus on your sense of self and work towards reducing any internal conflicts.
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Samar Haroon received a bachelor’s degree from the Clarkson University and completed their MA from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology .

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Pre-licensed or under Supervision
  • AMFT


  • Abuse & Trauma
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Blended Families
  • Career Counseling
  • Codependency Relationships
  • Coping Skills
  • Dating Coaching
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Family Conflict
  • Gender & sexual identity
  • General marriage

Types of Therapy:

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

Services Provided Via:

  • Phone
  • Internet meeting

Works With:

  • Couples

Working With Marriages for:

  • 3 Year(s)

Free Phone Consultations?

  • Yes

Hourly Fees Range:

  • $150 - $200

Language(s) Spoken:

  • English

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