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Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD
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Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, Psychologist in New Bern, NC


Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., is an award-winning author and speaker who has devoted his career to neuroscience and brainwave entrainment. As the creator of BrainTap Technology™, Porter has emerged as a leader in the digital health and wellness field. BrainTap’s digital tools and mind development apps use Creative Visualization and Relaxation, a biohacking technique that has made tremendous advances in treating mental, physical, and emotional health issues. BrainTap has been praised for helping people overcome stress and insomnia, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, and much more.
Patrick K. is also listed in Best Marriage Therapists in New Bern

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Pre-licensed or under Supervision
  • Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences / Master’s in NLP in Mind-Based Medicine / Bachelor to PhD in N

Services Provided Via:

  • App and digital tools

Works With:

  • Individual

Language(s) Spoken:

  • English

My Articles

Keeping the Love Alive: ‘Braintapping’ to Cultivate Stronger Relationships


Keeping the Love Alive: ‘Braintapping’ to Cultivate Stronger Relationships

Innovative Mindfulness Technology Helps Relieve Anxiety, Fatigue Helps Couples Refocus So They Can Reconnect As human beings, we all work to find and maintain ...

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