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  • Moving Into your Newlywed Home – A Checklist

    Moving Into your Newlywed Home, a checklist

    After the big day, you have to deal with another milestone in your relationship – moving in into your new home. If you are the kind of newlyweds that are just starting out, there are a lot of things that you need to establish your home. If each of you were able to invest in your own properties and pieces of furniture, you still have to deal with having two sets of everything.

    Twinings moment

    You will have two beds, two couches, and two of each piece of furniture and appliances, but only have room for one in your new home. What are you going to do with all that stuff? Which ones are you going to let go and which ones are you going to use in your new home? Maybe it would be easier to have your individual places rented out together with your furniture and appliances? How about selling all of them so you have enough money to buy new furniture and appliances that both of you actually like?

    Regardless of whose bed stays and whose couch goes, here is a checklist of to help you take the stress out of moving in and keep the excitement of the honeymoon phase strong.

    1. Pack your individual belongings including first-night essentials

    You are moving in together but you do not have to let go of your personal belongings that have sentimental value and those that clearly reflect your individuality. This includes your clothes, your books, trinkets, and other stuff you consider important.

    You must also pack an open box that contains all basic essentials that you need for your official first night in your new home. Items like basic toiletries change of clothes, tool box, first aid kit, and flashlight should be included. Expect a long day of last minute packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing your new home on your moving day. You will need all the first night essentials to be able to survive your first night.

    2. Decide what to do with your furniture and appliances

    As mentioned, if you each have your own individual places when you were single, you must decide what to do with your belongings. Since you have two sets of everything, check which one best fits the theme of your new home, which one is still in best condition, and which one both of you like. Remember, you are newlyweds and this must not strain your relationship. You both have a say on this matter and it is not worth the fight. It is better to sell both and buy new ones that both of you like.

    3. Create a budget

    Maybe you have already started practising setting up a budget when you were planning a wedding. Moving in together is another story. You will have to talk about your finances, how much each of you will allocate to your household expenses like bills and groceries, and how much you are willing to spend on other things like vacation. This is a long-term commitment that most couples usually have to openly talk about to avoid arguments.

    If you were able to sell each of your furniture and appliances to buy new ones, you have to decide on how much you are willing to spend on a new bed, a new couch, a new TV, and everything else.

    Create a budget

    4. Create a household checklist

    If you are starting out or buying new household items, it will be best to make a checklist of everything that you need for each room. This will not only prove to be more efficient and time-saving, it will also prevent you from buying unnecessary items before completing the basic items.

    5. Do not forget to have fun

    You are newlyweds. Do not let the stress of moving take the fun and excitement of this event. Play around your empty living room. Designate a day to shop or organize one room so you do not get too stressed out and tired. Make the most out of the moment because it is nice to look back and remember how nice and fun it was the first time you move in into your new home.

    Danielle Lee is the writer for the blog post that dives into the challenges, tips and ideas that will help the newlyweds the first time they move in into their new home.
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