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  • 6 Best Funny Tips for a Happy Marriage

    6 Best Funny Tips for a Happy Marriage

    6 Best Funny Tips for a Happy Marriage

    There was a guy many many years ago who asked a girl to marry her. The girl said no, and the guy had a long, happy life. He could sleep when he wanted to, no one cared of the toilet was not flushed, he played FIFA the entire day, drank beer and had an amazing life. Don’t get too serious; we are just kidding!

    The best funny tip for a happy marriage is to treat your other half as a child. This may sound and appear very wrong but trust me it works. Whenever your partner is being annoying and difficult, tackle him or her how you would tackle five years old. It is hard to find your partner appealing when there are tons of undone chores waiting for him to do. So, the best way is to consider them as a child! Trust us when we say this funny tip for a happy marriage actually works!  

    Marriage is a difficult yet a truly beautiful aspect of life. It is not about restricting and controlling each other but rather about letting each other do things that make you go crazy. It is important to let go of things. It is important to stop making mountains out of molehills. And it is important to make space for mistakes, forgiveness and lots of laughter. You can never fix each other, so the best thing to do is to let them stay unfixed and still manage to love!

    We have some of the best funny tips for a happy marriage, let’s find them out!

    1. How to make your wife happy?

    Well, this might be the best funny tip for a happy marriage: you cannot. The earlier you accept this, the better. A complete wedding harmony is only achieved when the guy realizes that he will always be at the losing end of an argument. Your wife will always be right. No matter what.

    2. Please don’t change your husband!

    This is the very first thing a newly wedded girl starts to do. Please stop. You married him for who he is so now why don’t you try and live with it. This might be regarded as a funny tip for a happy marriage but is surely a very important one. When you try to change the man you are married to he starts to run away from you and you don’t want that.

    Please don’t change your husband

    3. Your wife will change

    Sorry to break it to you but here is another funny tip for a happy marriage for you. Yes, it is true your wife will change. She will not stay the careless, wild girl you fell in love with. She will get mature and will start making sensible decisions. For her, there will always be the right time for everything, and you may not like this at times. Live with it because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

    4. Stop reading those romantic novels

    He will never be Noah from the notebook and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, so there is no point in dreaming and wishing about it. This is the most useful funny tip for a happy marriage. You both are living in the real world which has some real problems. A romantic novel is not going to change or fix that.

    5. Keep your eyes down

    The time to check out other women is over if your wife is not okay with it. We can guarantee you that she will not be okay with it. None of the women out there will be okay if their husband is checking other girls out. So save yourself a tremendous amount of trouble and keep those eyes down!

    6. How to tell the time

    Well, another funny tip for a happy marriage is to know how to tell the time. If your wife asks you when you have to leave always tell her at least an hour prior to the actual time. Trust us when we say this. Implement this, and you’ll be relaxed. A girl is never ever ready on time, so you need to give her that extra sixty minutes to get that liner right and those perfect curls. And when he tells you, that he will be home by 11 pm on a boys night automatically make that 1 am. When you are out with the boys its natural to lose track of time.

     A girl is never ever ready on time, so you need to give her that extra sixty minutes

    Wrapping up

    These are some of the best funny marriage tips for a happy marriage. Try to implement them in yours, and they will surely help you. Every couple and every marriage is unique on its own, and with a little assistance, it can easily go a long way!

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