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    11 Heartbreak Quotes That Keep You Going When You Are Nursing a Broken Heart

    11 Heartbreak Quotes That Keep You Going When You Are Nursing a Broken Heart


    It’s better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. Try telling this to yourself when you have a bleeding, broken heart torn into shreds and you will tear up. However, heartbreaks and broken relationships are inevitable, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, the other times due to your own mistakes, lack of discretion, irreconcilable differences or things that are beyond your area of control.

    The main take away from the heartbreaks is that you can either choose to grow enriched from the experience or delve deep into the depths of despair, clinging tenaciously to the irretrievable glory of a happy relationship that once was. While letting go of someone you loved with all your heart and gusto is excruciatingly painful, it is the beauty of staying positive throughout that fallout, that makes that heartbreaking experience truly precious.

    If you have hit an all-time low, trying to pick up the pieces of life after a heartbreak, here are 11 bittersweet broken heart quotes to help you voice your pain and put things into a perspective post a break-up.


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    Final take away 

    It is never easy, even for the strongest and the resilient amongst us to escape unscathed from the hurt and the collateral damage a heartbreak ensues. These quotes are aimed at helping you find resonance with your pain and experience a sense of catharsis. In due course of time, you will be able to dust yourself and rise to walk the journey of self-discovery and other joys in life, once again.

    Remember, this too shall pass.

    Anubhav Singh is a dynamic content creator and a brilliant writer. His out-of-the-box visuals represent various notes of romantic relationships.
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