Signs of Sexual Tension and Ways to Build Crackling Chemistry

Signs of Sexual Tension and Ways to Build Crackling Chemistry

Experiencing a heady rush of sexual tension is an exhilarating emotion, that brings to the fore your most animalistic core while you enjoy a lush, fuzzy feeling wrapping you, each time you get around this person.

In addition to the tingling, throbbing sensations in the body and a sexually active vibe between the two people attracted to each other, sexual tension can be best attributed to a carnal connection, where you may choose to act or not act on your raw, wild and sexy pull toward each other. 

The downright wild connection

Sexual tension can be best described as a mood elevating feeling where you want to drive up or walk miles to see this person, enjoy the close proximity to each other, and even start to feel good about your appearance as you preen in front of the mirror in the morning.

The downright wild connection and an apparent physical compatibility can end up in an earth-shattering, cathartic sex or it may just stay as it is, like a mid-air suspended feeling hovering for a while and then fading away subsequently. ( Nonetheless, it’s good till it lasts!)

If you are looking for signs to substantiate that it’s a legit sexual connect and ways to sustain this sexual tension, look no further!

Sure signs of sexual tension between you and your object of desire:

  • An eye contact coupled with stolen glances that oscillate between a pause and a reciprocation – signals a sexually tense vibe.
  • Awkwardness in your interaction where you are struggling with the urge to not hit the panic button around your bae of the moment.
  • You find yourself fantasizing often about the person usually in a sexual escapade scenario, almost as a ritual.
  • An electric vibe where you fight the urge to touch the person and just end up complimenting them, since you don’t see fireworks happening immediately.
  • There is a flirtatious context in every interaction that you share with them.
  • Your friends or colleagues, if it is a workplace, suggest that you share a crackling chemistry.
  • The thrill you experience each time they walk by is palpable. Their walk, smile or just the presence is the ultimate sexual stimuli to you!
  • Your body language is clumsy in front of them and your eye-rolls and lopsided smiles are there for them to see and just know it!

Use these tips to build sexual tension with someone you like, without being crude:

1. Maintain a discreet eye contactMaintain a discreet eye contact

A sneaky eye contact and stolen glances are your best bet at bridging the gap between being a silent admirer and becoming partners in crime. Be subtle though, you don’t want to come across as a predator on the prowl.

Look, hold that gaze with a fuzzy warmth, flash a quick warm smile and then look away in a second.

This way, you make them wonder if you were checking them out, or was it a fleeting glance that meant nothing. The push and pull and the state of uncertainty can give a great thrust to the beginning of an exciting sexual build up.

2. Get funny and naughty, but cut down on the drama

Instead of being too dramatic, or making the pursuit the mission of your life, keep things simple minus the trappings of complications or any future implications.

Joke around, be witty and sexy but not evenly remotely dirty. Also, keep it all lighthearted, don’t make your object of attraction as the ultimate focal point. Your undivided attention to the person could have them feeling stalked and running for cover! Besides, you don’t want to come across as a needy, uninteresting person.

3. Don’t let the moment to compliment slip byDon’t let the moment to compliment slip by

If your crush is looking particularly good or their hair, fragrance, smile or shoes – anything catches your fancy, drop a compliment. You don’t need to be nuanced with the art of complimenting. Remember to use the multi-faceted tool of compliments genuinely.

A thoughtful, well-meaning compliment could be a great conversation starter and a mood booster for your person of attraction.

Linger on for a short-spanned, idle talk after you have admired them and delay your goodbyes.

Let it be obvious that you are in no tearing hurry to get back to what it is, and like stalling the departure.

4. Build a proximity with accidental grazing

Accidental grazing is an extremely mild version of flirting.

Make them feel the tingle of rising sexual tension by accidentally grazing your arm, against theirs or with a light touch on their back in the seemingly most innocuous way. Remember to make a mental note of any signs of reciprocation or discomfort.

Use these regular gestures as sexy sexual tension builders.

5. Show off your best assets, play to your strengths

Be confident in showing off your physique or your resplendent smile

Be flamboyant without coming across as a sugar fed kid.

Exuberance is attractive. Inject enthusiasm in your conversation. Be confident in showing off your physique or your resplendent smile with a sense of self-assuredness.

Dress to thrill by allocating some time while you are getting dressed up for work if your crush happens to be your colleague or even if it’s someone at the hobby class. Not only will it enhance your confidence level but will also grab eyeballs from your prospect or maybe even some prospective partners.

Just a wise word. Don’t go OTT. Flashy is not attractive. You are the best judge of what goes best with your demeanor. Tread with caution.

Avoid this glaring mistake while trying to build sexual tension

Sex talk is not going to cut it if you are trying to build a racy sexual tension!

Men and women, both like anticipation when they are the object of seduction. Blatant sex talk is the ultimate buzzkill and takes away from the simmering build-up of a hormonal rush. It may also make you come across as needy and creepy.

It kills the intrigue!

Remember to act on it if you must, but don’t over do it

Make the judgment call on whether you want to make out, or get out.

Whether you are going to just rouse the sexual tension between you and the person, let it die eventually, or you want to take it to the next level – take into account how far are you willing to take it.

Before you use these tips to build and sustain the intense sexual tension, pause to figure out what you want. Whether you choose to keep it low key, a well-kept secret or have the sexual connect manifest into the wildest time together between the sheets, remember to savour each moment of this racy vibe that you just can’t put in words!

The key is to enjoy it while it lasts!